My results... Would appreciate a little feed back 😊

I am taking 2 grain nature throid and lots of things have improved, joint pain has reduced, eyebrows have come back a bit but i am absolutely exhausted my weight has increased and i have spots (which is uncommon for ne when im well). My results are as follows:

TSH 0.04

Free T4: 3.3

The nurse asked for T3 but either the dr hasnt given it to me or the hospital hasnt done it... Any thoughts? I know some of u r great at deciphering the blood results.

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Well, a TSH and an FT4, when you're taking NDT, isn't going to tell you anything at all. You absolutely need the FT3 to know anything, I'm afraid.

I thought so πŸ˜• Might call the hospital and see what they say


To interpret the results we also need the lab ranges (figures in brackets after results).

hellybaybee I sound like a broken record I've said this on so many threads :-) but if your gp has ordered the t3 test and the lab doesn't do it, they do keep the sample for - I think - 7 days, so if you can ask the surgery to ring the lab they may agree to do it.

You sound way better than a broken record. :)


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