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Blood test results are these normal or not

About a year ago i started having period after thinking i had gone thru menopause on investigation i was diagnosed with cysts on both ovaries and fibroids then i started losing weight rapidly nearly 2 stone feeling shaky anxious no appetite muscle aches and pains tiredness the list is endless then in december lost my voice and had swollen lymph nodes in neck had a fna with ultrasound snd a single nodule 3cm was found on my thyroid results came back normal and repeating biopsy in 6 months tsh 0.09 serum freet4 14 pmo/l serum calcium 2.48 serum inorganic phosphate 1.03 serum alkaline phosphatase 96u/l serum albumin48g/l thyroid peroxidase antibody 41ku/l what does all this mean as keep being told thyroid low but no one interested in how ill i feel

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I am sorry you are so unwell. You may have been on the merry-go-round of being undiagnosed. Many doctors do not acknowledge clinical symptoms of which you appear to have. Do you have the ranges for your blood tests as labs differ throughout the country and it makes it easier to comment on them.

This is a link of a post which was done this morning.

female problems are due quite often to thyroid gland dysfunction.


This is another link for your information.


with a t4 of 14 its small wonder you feel ill

i also suspect your ferritin and folate are low too

IMHE both should be halfway up in their range in order for you to convert correctly thyroxine and your t4 should be nearer 20

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