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Blood tests for comments please


Still waiting on arranging a thyroid blood test, but we are on the case. However on your advice and getting a copy of his vitb12, iron etc blood test results is could be what is causing the problem. Based on your recommendations of the vit b12 reading he seems to be on the low end of normal. I have put his results below.

Liver function test

Plasma total bilirubin 4 umol/L <21

Plasma ALT level 14 IU/L

Plasma alk phosphatase level 82 IU/L

Plasma albumin level 33 IU/L

Renal profile

Plasma sodium level138 mol/L

Plasma potassium level 4.1mmol/L

Plasma creatinine level 75 umol/L

Plasma C-reactive protein - elevated but reduced on last test 37.3 mg/L

Serum vitamin B 12 204 Ng/L

Serum ferritin 77 microg/L

Serum folate 5.7 microg/L

Serum iron level 7 micromol/L

Serum transferrin 2.48 g/L

Transferrin saturation index 13.%

I am sure this will make sense to you guys so any comments, suggestions or anything!!!, I am sure would be most useful.

Thank you so much

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Hi, I'm sure someone with more experience will advise you but you don't seem to have put the "normal" range in for each test. Though you seem to have for the first test.

Plasma total bilirubin 4 umol/L (<21)

The ranges are needed to see where your result sits within, or outside, the range. I hope you were given them with your results. I just thought I'd mention it then it is easier for you to be advised. 😉

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Ok thank you for mentioning that. I suppose I just assumed that the experts would know what the normal range was.

Never assume!!! I will get the paperwork out again and do it as soon as I can.

Thanks again

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Reference ranges can vary from one lab to another. We sometimes see dramatic differences, sometimes they are the same or so close as to make little difference. We also see different units being used - especially when results are from around the world.

It is a pain to have to post the ranges, but it is necessary.

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once you have ranges suggest that you also post on the PASoc website re B12 and folate

Your B12 is in grey range rather than definitely defictient so need to look at symptoms - checklist in the pinned post on the above forum, along with a lot more info on B12


Thank you all for your help. I am just getting hang of all this.

I will post these results as suggested on the PASoc website and when we get the thyroid blood results then I will come back here.

Your site has been very useful.

Thanks again


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