Magnesium - your recommendations please

I understand that it's available in tablet form, body spray and as a drink. Whilst it would be nice to not have to take yet another tablet, how do people find the body spray? Anyone experience skin discomfort or, indeed, any reaction?

I seem to remember it being mentioned here that a magnesium drink was available. Is this perhaps an easier way?

Would be most grateful to hear of your experiences. Thanks.

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  • Epsom salts in the bath absorb manesium through your skin, and help with aches and pains too. Pumpkin seeds are a good food source

  • Thanks but no bath!! Didn't know about pumpkin seeds, most useful.

  • I found the magnesium spray made my skin feel dry and itchy. I take Lamberts MagAbsorb before bed.

  • Pellegrino and some other mineral waters contain quite a bit of magnesium but I have no idea if this is in a form which can be absorbed or how much would be necessary - does anyone know how much you need?

  • These are foods that contain magnesium:-

  • Dr Carolyn Dean - ReMAG.

    If you google it you can find her website and read about it. Is Ionic Magnesium so goes into the cells not via the gut. Is the only Magnesium I can tolerate. This Dr has written a book called The Magnesium Miracle. She is VERY knowledgeable, has a vast library of wisdom/knowledge and donkeys yrs of experience.


  • I bought Solgar Magnesium citrate, but it plays havoc with my gut, so have switched to Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil spray. I don't have any problems using it, but have no idea whether it's doing me any good at all - how do you tell?

  • Hi Cinnamon_girl

    A few wks ago I was wondering the same thing as have previously tried it in tablet form and it didn't agree with me. I decided to make my own magnesium oil using magnesium flakes, water and a spray bottle. I have to say I did initially use it on my arms and hands but found it did make my skin feel dry and I did at first get a tingling/ itchy reaction. You can wash it off after about 20mins which relieves the dryness or moisturise with coconut oil or your preferred moisturiser. The tingling/itchiness eased after a few days plus I think I was using a little bit too much on one area or needed to dilute the solution a bit more more. I have now decided to use on soles of feet as apparently it is absorbed better there as the pores are larger. I just need to remember! :-)

    You may (or may not) find these links useful

    Good luck x

  • I use magnesium malate. I take 3 x 1000mga day. They are large tablets, is that why you were asking about the liquid?

  • Hi It is much safer to have food with a high magnesium content, there are a lot, see the WEB.

    Best wishes,


  • I use the list that Shaws linked you to - turns out that I like a lot of magnesium foods. My husband used to swear by the magnesium spray you get from health shops for his aching joints.

  • Hi, anyone having problems with diarrhoea and stomach cramps? Solgar was fine, but Holland and Barratts is awful on my tum. I'm cutting the tablets in half now.

  • Floradix does a liquid magnesium supplement which is very palatable, or you can dissolve magnesium salts in water and apply to skin. I never had a reaction to mag oil but I don't like the feel of it on my skin. It's not unlike the feeling of having been in a salty sea - sticky and chalky. I use a mineral deodorant and just pour a little mag oil in with it so I manage to use it every day.

    Apparently some people use it on its own as deodorant/antiperspirant but sadly it didn't work on the odour front for me.

  • I use magnesium citramate capsules made by Thorne (4 = approx 500mg) which I take daily. I am hopeless at swallowing tablets so I try to get everything in capsules which I open and mix into some yoghourt and get it down that way. By the way, I agree with the other person who recommended The Magnesium Miracle - it is definitely worth reading.l


  • Thanks all for the helpful replies and links, will take me a while to get through them!

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