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Help with magnesium please

My magnesium is .80 range is .70 to 1.1

I know magnesium tablets really help my symptoms - fatigue, dizziness, brain fog and balance problems. Unfortunately I suffer with intersticial cystitis and the magnesium tablets make the pain much worse.

Could I get enough magnesium into my system using the magnesium spray?

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Hi, you could try using a different form of magnesium there several types.

Also you can use magnesium flakes in the bath or to soak your feet ... apparently the feet can absorb magnesium more efficiently than other parts of the body.

Good luck, hope you manage to find something that suits you.


You could also use Epsom Salts in the bath, or foot bath. :)


Dark chocolate; brazil nuts; sunflower and pumpkin seeds; dark rye flour and buckwheat are all good dietary sources.


A magnesium oil spray is cheap as chips and an effective way to increase magnesium. and has also reduced my CRP I use better you spray, less than a tenner.


Many thanks all.


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