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Hello Again!

I am posting theses quotes as they are all applicable to me personally, and would like to share them with everybody

. The Book - "Your Thyroid and how to keep it healthy". I read it in 2 days - it is well written, warm, reader friendly and extremely informative.

Page49 " Thyroid Trauma. This means that the thyroid gland, exposed as it is, may be the subject of damage from the outside. One obvious example here is whiplash injury. Something like 30% of people who suffered whiplash injury have been found to develop hypothyroidism".

Page 50 Surgery. "There are three operations which seem to affect people most especially. Cholecystectomy is one where the gall bladder is removed for gallstones......" Another quite notorious is seems that there is some kind of hormonal dialogue between the womb and the thyroid and any intrusion or disturbance of this balance may affect thyroid function". He says the third is tonsillectomy.

Page 51. He says that traumatic or multiple pregnancy, especially having several children over a few years can have an effect on thyroid function. (I had 5 children from age 17 - 26 - I didn't know what was causing it!) Just some more info to throw in the pot!!

Sheenah x

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Thank you for this Sheenah. My mother-in-law had a hysterectomy 7 years ago, shortly after that her health started to decline to the point that she resigned from her Finance Director position at the age of 58 and took an early retirement. She is now 61 and has been diagnosed with Dementia. I have told her, my husband and his brother that they need to be looking at vitamin deficiencies and thyroid. They have mentioned it to her GP but the GP only found folic acid deficiency. Everything else is supposedly fine. We do not have her blood test results. I feel frustrated that they are not taking this seriously. She is on a couple of drugs for dementia and she is also taking some cholesterol lowering drugs.

Your'e Welcome - I am glad it switched a light on. As you know Docs only look at the TSH levels seriously - if she has a test for TSH make sure it is as early in the morning as possible. I thiiiink you may find a link between dementia and hypothyroidism. Sheenah x

Yes theres loads of stuff on hypothyroidism and dementia - Ijust typed in hypothyroidism and dementia and theres tons of it. Sheenah X

Yes there are more T3 receptors in the brain than anywhere else in the body.... so the brain has first call on the available T3. When T3 is low then it is obvious that things begin to go wrong. The gut has the second highest amount .....and there's an awful lot of gut issues out there in the big wide world. Also the correct supplements are required to enable T4 to convert into the Active T3.... Also gluten molecules can penetrate the blood/brain barrier where they can cause inflammation......another issue but worth considering when it comes to long-term health....sorry I'm all doom and gloom :-) Don't mean to be :-)

A video where Professor Smith starts to speak after 4 minutes about B12 and brain shrinkage. Research he was involved in at Oxford University. Posted by hampster1 I believe.

Would be good if you could obtain her results and ranges. So sad.

...also lots of symptoms that may ring a bell. Such a shame Docs do not receive training in the detail of simple solutions and of course prevention is better than cure.....

Raised cholesterol is linked to Hypothyroidism. Our brains needs cholesterol - and over 80% of cholesterol is made in the body....for a reason. I have raised cholesterol but also raised Homocysteine. The latter is lowered with Vits and usually the cholesterol follows. You also need it for metabolizing VitD in the skin - so she will also be deficient in VitD. The book - The Vitamin D Solution - by Michael Holick is full of good news and information.

Statins do not help women at all apparently - there is lots out there on the net - take a look at Dr Kendricks website - he wrote the book the Cholesterol Con. His website is informative.

Her need for a hysterectomy in the first place was probably due to low thyroid hormones....

Really hope your voice is heard....

I read the Article about statins and decided to stop taking them as a result. My Gp keeps asking do I want to go back on them no really not seen enough evidence to go back on them

You must feel good taking control of your own LONG term health :-)

Thanks for your post.....

Hi Marz I do feel mentally better in a way because I am taking control. I could not do this with out the valuable source of support and knowledge that I have found on the site. I know realise am not depressed or going mad and imagining all these problems. Thank you for all the pointers I will get Dr Peatfield book ASAP x

:-) :-)

Everyone should read his book !

They should indeed. In had it on my kindle first, but have bought a paper copy too so I can keep notes! Dr Skinner's is great too, very funny in places :-)

I read Dr S's book when I was first diagnosed in 2005. I seem to remember he mentioned Hashimotos ..... ? Can't remember it well - I borrowed it so must re-read....

Yes, it's more just hypo per se, but his rants against the establishment are brilliant!

....ah yes it's coming back :-)

It sounds very informative. Sadly, it's doctors who should read it too, for what good is our knowledge when doctors merely shrug it off since we're not the ones who have GP or MD after our name.

I have heard of the hysterectomy link before, but as menstrual related issues and inability to conceive seem to be related I would imagine that hysterectomy fell somewhere in that category. My mother in law developed RA shortly after her hysterectomy and looking back, I have wondered whether she also had an undiagnosed thyroid issue. Similarly, my mother had six children and had problems with alopecia, weight gain, dizziness, joints etc; just like me. My father had angina, but I identify with his circulation problems, anxiety, palpitations and who knows what else. Medicine has come along way since the 50s/60s, yet progress in treatment of thyroid issues is still lagging even now.

Interestingly, I can't believe how much information we do pick up on this site. I may have brain fog and terrible forgetfulness, but here's proof that we're never too old or I'll to learn! Xxxx

Hello Waterspace,

Thanks for your response. Yes I completely agree. I am going to see a homeopath in Winchester on the 10th, so I am hopeful to get a diagnosis. The doc took no notice of my conclusive symptoms, and told me I was depressed - a common occurrence it seems. Thank God we have this site - so much understanding and empathy for each other. I am going to put a question out later asking about Hashimotos - I think I may have it as I have a constant uncomfortable throat and difficulty swallowing for weeks now + most of the other symptoms. Good Luck to you as you struggle forward - at least Spring is around the corner!!! Sheenah XXX

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