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More About Gluten and Alzheimer's

Dr. Dale Bredesen at UCLA has reversed Alzheimer's disease. He is associated with Buck Institute Research Center and in 2014 he reversed the condition in 9 out of 10 people. His book is The End of Alzheimer's and one thing he does is remove gluten from their diet.

Humans have 23,000 genes and so does the earthworm but we have a microbiome and that makes us more resilient to disease than animals because of the good bacteria in the gut. The 3 million bacteria in the gut can turn on these genes. There is one message from the brain to the gut but there are NINE messages from the gut to the brain so the bad bacteria can send some of these messages.

When your immune system fights wheat in the blood stream, they look for the protein signature and then fire a chemical bullet. These proteins are floating in the bloodstream and lets say wheat has a signature that looks like 123, well the surface of thyroid cells facing the bloodstream have a part of their structure also appearing as 123 so the antibody soldiers fire their bullets and then damage the cell. It becomes a vicious cycle as you continue to ingest wheat. This is called molecular mimicry.

I've had to simplify all of this but hope you can see the importance of working on a healthy gut and healthy biome. He offered some tips and knows how overwhelming it is especially when you are not well but when your gut is happy, your brain will be happy.

This talk came from a series called "Prosperity" which comes from and will be in theaters soon. This is very worth watching as this movement is designed to overcome the serious exploitation of our planet while creating disease and leaving paths of destruction. We can all have a part.

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This is all wonderful & powerful news. I’ve signed up to view Prosperity & learned of Dr.Bredesen thru Dr.SaraGottfried M.D hormone expert & author of YOUNGER . Next year she releases a book on the brain. Great people to guide us!! Yay 😀


I have been following the work of Dr Bredesen for the past year and have now got his book 'The End of Alzheimer's ' which explains his protocol. Dr Tom O'Bryan kindly sent me the original 1 page guidelines earlier this year, but the book now explains everything in detail in a really easy to understand format.

What strikes me in particular is that just about all the great advice on this forum is echoed in his program, B12, Thyroid levels, Vit D, High Cholesterol, Gluten, etc...

The program is about prevention and reversal of cognitive decline and not about accepting 'normal' or 'in range'... Its about being 'optimal'. I'm sure I read recently that Dr Chattejee (Dr In The House) is being trained on this approach so maybe he will bring it into the public domain more in the future, but it's here now for us all to try.

Everything I have read so far (haven't finished yet) I've seen backed up elsewhere and to be honest, we all have nothing to lose by trying as many of his recomendations, if not all, as soon as possible...from today onwards.

I seem to be surrounded by people with Alzheimers at the moment and ALL of the families are just accepting the diagnosis, not questioning any blood results, not trying anything at all, just accepting and watching their loved ones fade away.

I would do anything to try and reverse the decline AND to try and prevent it happening in the first place and with Dr Dale Bredesen's research we have nothing to lose.

Definitely a must-have book.

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This is the first I've heard of any natural protocol for Alzheimer's. I also did not know there were five different types. I don't know who funds this research but have the feeling it is NOT the pharmaceutical industry. Thanks for your additional remarks.

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I did read that the pharma industry poo pooed his work...there's no magic pill involved , no money to be made. It's about optimising our health, just like the advice from this great forum.

Another reason why his protocol is worth a try, at least as best we can.

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Yes, we should. When was the last time the doctor explained exactly what that pill was going to do and act in your system? Why is there a long list of side effects? Dr. O'Bryan thinks many people do not pay attention to those and neither do drug companies I would add.

There are small things we can do to protect our health and one that I've known for a while is to avoid drinking hot coffee from those cups which have those plasticized lids. The condensation leaches the Bis-phenols into your coffee! Take your own cup when you buy any hot drink.

The terrible pesticide, Round-up, is a derivative of Agent Orange!


I have just purchased the protocol to reverse Alzheimer's. The most important theme going through is that diet and exercise are paramount. There are also various naturally herbs and oils that can help get through the blood brain barrier to keep the brain in good condition.

My adopted mother lived to be 99 years old and her brain was in tip top condition. I have since read that the mouth and teeth are important to keeping a brain healthy

I was shocked when I visited the dentist with her and they removed all of her teeth. She was only in her late forties. I now wonder if this was not a bad idea at all? Root canals are out from now on.


Knowledge is power and that's what I love about this forum, people like Dr O'Bryan, Bredesen et al.

2 years ago I was a wreck and under the care of my GP. I found the TUK forum and my life changed. Then a member here mentioned a Gluten summit which I watched and that too opened my eyes. Dr O'Bryan mentioned Dr Bredesen's work and I've been following ever since.

I now have knowledge (not a huge amount but a truckload more than I did before joining here) and I've regained control of me, at least as best I can and I am no longer the wreck I was.

We removed all plastics and replaced with glass, teflon / aluminium pans discarded, gluten gone, I've not used deodrant for a year now and realised that I didn't need it after all, despite being a f/t gardener & a sweaty peri-menopausal, I never pong. We only buy meat from a butcher who I've probed re the origin of his products. There's another frightening story...meat production.

Anyway, thank you for posting. I hope more people take back power of their health ☺


heloise all your posts, you work hard to help people i award you the nobel peace prize ..


LOL, that is me BELLY LAUGHING, thank you, blue.

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salt of the earth deordorant natural


Just logged onto your gluten and Alzheimer's disease post seven months ago.

Does it show the wheat signature may affect not only the thyroid but the colon and the brain?

Reversal of Alzheimer's disease by removing gluten only might not be the only factor in the wheat which is causing an autoimmune response. In the UK gluten is the key factor in the grain which is said to cause both thyroid and celiac disease. There is not much online from research papers to say that wheat, rye barley and multi grain allergy can affect the brain or affect the progress in Alzheimer's disease. If there are other factors such as B12 and folate absorption will this also affect Alzheimer's disease?

In the UK diabetes is an underlying disease which can be linked with Alzheimer's disease but dementia/Alzheimer sufferers are pretty difficult to diagnose if there are other factors which have not been included in their diagnosis. To think of the possibility of reversing Alzheimer's is not an option in the UK.

There are several independent researchers who advocate spices and herbs from the Amazon and from other countries such as India who use spices and peppers to help memory function. The tribes of these areas diet have less refined carbs and more vegetables and pulses, and peas which seem to prevent memory loss as you already know.

There are people in their eighties who just don't know what it is that is making them deteriorate. I know my dad was diagnosed with vascular dementia, but did not realise until recently that B12 deficiency can cause vascular dementia. It is sad that tests for multi allergies are not available on the NHS and the NHS may not accept the findings of independent tests unless the pharmacy or org. is linked to the NHS.

What would we cling-ons do without you to ferret out the information we need?


I have to leave in a moment but if you have time to listen to listen to any of this, it is excellent. There are underlying factors even of light and heat and sleep that all have good and bad in them that can affect us and we may be completely unaware. I want to listen to it two or three more times if I can.


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