More nonsense from a doc!

Well, it's me again!! This time youngest daughter (the other one that's self medicating) had her docs appointment. Her words are "Pompous arrogant and convinced there's nothing wrong with me". She says she had to threaten to go private before he would order a blood test. He said she should be off levothyroxine for two months to get an accurate test result. Then stated that thyroxine doesn't affect antibodies, also said the lab won't test for antibodies if the TSH is normal, so she said "so they don't do what you ask them to do?" then he said they will probably do it if he requested it. So she said "request it then!" she was well annoyed. We now await the results. This is in Surrey, UK

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  • Hi

    I wish you luck but yes it is up to the teqnitoins in the lab

    Every time my GP has wrote it on blood test form it has never been done ,Hence paying privately


  • I just had to do this with rheumy. I have been trying to get test for ft3 and ft4 for over 18 months. My last gp requested them done but said lab refused. Recently I said to rheumy that I was going to get private bloods done because fed up with feeling ill all the time and she immediately wrote out a request for all thyroids + others. She did say that lab might refuse so I will wait and see.

  • I don't think that will make any difference unfortunately, the labs work to set guidelines, its not just one lab its labs up and down the country :-(

  • Not necessarily, my other daughter's doc requested antibodies, admittedly that one is in Sussex, but they did that test. I'm thinking that if they refuse to do essential tests you could mention that if things go totally pear shaped they will be facing mal practice.

  • Very technical but priceless information, thank you so much for those links.

  • And yet another GP who should not be sitting down when they speak! ..It's difficult to hear what they are saying when they talk out of their backsides whilst sitting! xx

  • Following a number of requests to test my VitD which was then refused by the lab, I lost it with the GP, saying I would write to the MP. The lab then tested the blood and found I was 17 (60 to 300). I then wrote to the lab to thank them for keeping me ill for 18 months and I was thinking of sueing them for loss of income. Did not hear anything but I hoped it gave them pause for thought. The lab will not test Vit D again if has been done once so I have no idea of my current levels and cannot afford a private test.

  • Vit D test with City Assays is only about 28 quid.

  • serenfach Its absolutely appalling the way these lab techs have the right to refuse to test, especially if the doctor who has seen you and is trying to diagnose you has requested these tests. I was going to contact my mp but she wasn't much help with another issue I had so don't hold out much hope for help from her. where does that leave us.......suffering. My old gp refused a repeat prescription for vit d even though my level was low @ 27 she said I didn't need it because it was summer. I thought their code was 'first do no harm'!

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