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Yet More Blood Results


more results through today. My vitamin D has dropped (no surprise there then considering it just flippin rains lol). October reading was 54 nmol/L >50.........yesterday's reading 36 nmol/L >50. Also says on the report "A vitamin level of 30-50 nmol/L may be adequate in some people; however in patients presenting with symptoms, treatment is advised". Think I need to top my levels up!!! What would be the recommended dose please?

During my last appointment my doc was looking for other thyroid tests he could do for me and I am sure from the Lab Tests Online site he has checked my Thyroid stimulating hormone receptor antibody. Something has shown up on it because when I initially phoned for my results the twit on the end of the phone said I couldn't have that result because I was to discuss it at my next appointment which is over a week away yet. I just asked him for the readings and he went into "really big twit" mode. Anyway, popped up to pick up the printouts after some argy bargy, got home and that test is missing, so will be phoning up tomorrow and asking why. To be honest he may well have to research the results himself lol

Compared a couple of other tests........ October - Serum Creatinine.....86 umol/L (50-90)

January " " 82 " " "

Also have more full blood counts if anyone can decipher them lol ie Serum sodium/potassium/urea

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Jefner, Vit D is replete 75-200 nmol/l so I would supplement 5,000iu for 12 weeks to boost it up and reduce to 5,000iu alternate days in April when ultraviolet light is strong enough to stimulate natural vitD if you can get a few hours sunlight on your arms and face.

Thyroid Stimulating Receptor Antibody (TRab) is a test for Graves Disease. Receptionists are not usually allowed to release test results until GPs have reviewed and approved release. Your GP may want to discuss the results with you before releasing them.

Serum Creatinine is part of a kidney function test. <90 may mean mild impairment. eGFR is usually tested along with Creatinine. Check to see what Creatinine, eGFR, sodium, potassium and urea results mean.


I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.

Jefner in reply to Clutter

thank you Clutter, I didn't know that bit so I won't be phoning the surgery in the morning now :)

Oh poop it didn't come out properly, must have been the spaces I put in. Yesterday's creatinine result was 82 so it's come down a bit from the 86. As per usual though the wording on the results "normal no action" ...........that is going to be engraved on my headstone pmsl.

For some reason when I spoke with him on the phone last week he mentioned Graves but didn't explain why and now he seems to be testing me for it!! From what I have read it's normally applicable to someone who is hyper? (although I do have some of the symptoms). Do folks have antibody readings with Graves as well. Am wondering if I have that and not Hashi's..........pfft I don't know lol

Also against the creatinine results it said "normal kidney if no proteinuria, haematuria or abnormal kidneys on USS"...whatever that means hahahha

Started to read Izabella Wentz's book today for guidance and she details 6 main causes for Hashi's and stress is a big factor which I am afraid I am guilty as charged, so I am wondering if the stress and depression I felt with the onset of Christmas triggered an attack. She also says that with a Hashi attack depression and anxiety can be a big symptom which might explain what I am going through! I just wish I knew how to overcome it :( Practicing relaxation and breathing, gonna find a yoga vid on Youtube and might even try some acupuncture (which she recommended)

Clutter in reply to Jefner

Jefner, some people have Graves and Hashi antibodies. If Graves is dominant it cause hyperthyroidism. Hashi's can cause transient hyperthyroidism before causing hypothyroidism and a flare may make you feel hyper when destroyed cells dump hormone.

Jefner in reply to Clutter

oh blimey something else to think of now lol. Read something on the net about Hashi's when I first spotted the high antibodies in the BH test "along the way there can be periods where the thyroid sputters back to life, even causing temporary hyperthyroidism, then a return to hypo. This cycling back and forth between the two is a characteristic of Hashi's. So for example periods of anxiety/insomnia/weight loss may be followed by periods of depression/fatigue/constipation/weight gain"

Am assuming that's the definition of a flare-up?

Clutter in reply to Jefner

Jefner, it's a good definition of what Hashi can be like. The flare up is likely to be when lymphocytes infiltrate the thyroid gland destroying cells which dump hormone causing temporary hyperthyroidism.

thyr01d in reply to Jefner

Hi Jefner

Great to see you are going to do some yoga, when taught well it is marvellous. I would highly, highly recommend that you find yourself a good teacher. There is a lot of so-called yoga that really isn't, especially online. I'm a teacher and the speed we guide you at, the choice of breathing exercises and the order we put them in for you is crucial to making a difference. A lot of people attend a yoga classes for one term then go off and teach yoga (I know one who just did one-day and has a certificate), but to learn sufficient to be knowledgeable and to keep people safe takes years.

So, please take care, please find yourself a good yoga teacher, and please try plenty of teachers because until you find a good one you won't know that the others are not.

Very best wishes.

Jefner in reply to thyr01d

am still looking on that one hon, there is a man in my area who has his own website and supposedly qualified. Not sure I can post the link here so have messaged you

thyr01d in reply to Jefner

Done x

Are Graves antibodies different to Hashi ones hence being able to diagnose one from the other?

Heloise in reply to Jefner

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