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Excess iron in the blood? Doc Peatfields Book

Hello All

Just been trawling through everyone's comments particularly on ferritin and vit levels. I am new to all this and increasingly scared when I read what a bad time you all have getting listened to and taken seriously as I am finding exactly the same. I read Doc Peatfields book (Your Thyroid etc) and on page 40 he makes reference to" Excess iron (haemochromatosis) is another problem that has recently been receiving recognition. Haemochromatosis is a genetic disorder which allows absorbtion of too much iron from an ordinary diet. This excess iron is then deposited all over the body and causes damage to the liver, pancreas, heart, endocrine glands and joints. It is easily detected by a simple blood test and a check on the amount of iron (Serum ferritin) in the blood. Although this is quite uncommon, it should be looked for since the treatment is so simple; the patient has to be bled monthly (just like they used to in the old days)". Now when the good old doc looked at my results he said my iron stores were "impressive" but I don't know how that is as I don't eat anything - seriously - just put on weight. I feel sick looking at food in magazines!! I just wish my 60 year old body would do predicatable things - although it never has!!

Going to see a homeopath on the 10th March which I found through Thyroid UK - will post my findings.

Love to All - Never give in!! XX


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Thanks for posting Sheenah, have never heard of that condition! :(

Please come back and let us know how it goes! :)




Yes Louise - I thought it might be of interest - there are some more bits and pieces that I found in his book that may also ring true for folks - I will post them later. I will come back after I have been to see the homeopath - I have high hopes . Failing that, I will have to find my own way forward!!

Sheenah x


Hubby's Ferritin was above the range when he was first tested for thyroid and all the nutritional tests. Being high can also be caused by inflammation or chronic illness in the body. Once he started on medication - T4 - for his Hashimotos - his next test revealed he was in range. Possibly the inflammation from the thyroid. Not before he had colonoscopies as they feared a cancer of sorts - just Diverticulitis....Annual tests due soon - so it will be checked again....

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Thanks Marz. Do you both have thyroid probs then? I think my hubby may have them as well. He is losing the outer edge of his eyebrows, gets very tired these days, and has had bowel probs (IBS) for several years. Good Luck. Sheenah x


We both have Hashi's ! Our dog too is on T4 :-) Her tail hair fell out as did the hair on her beautiful face ! Whilst researching cruciate ligament problems in dogs I came across Hypothyroidism as a possible cause !

I think one of the reasons that more women suffer than men is that we are more inclined to ask questions and seek answers when it comes to health. I added TSH onto his annual PSA check before he left for the blood testing clinic down the road. It came back high in range. Followed it up with the TSH again FT4 FT3 and anti-bodies. FT3 below range and FT4 low too. Anti-bodies way over range. Results immediately faxed through from Draculas Den to Endo in Heraklion and I spoke with him that evening as arranged at 6pm and he swallowed his first pill within the hour. He said you know the problem - he has the same as you so start treating him ! I then phoned Dr P's clinic in the UK for further confirmation on dose. Hubby was 72 when diagnosed. Symptoms - just general slowing down which he thought was aging and the ghastly prostate pills. I now think that as prostate is hormonal then the thyroid could be in the loop somewhere.

We both seem well on T3 only.... we are fortunate to live in Crete where we can go for private testing as well as NHS - nobody offended - all the same lab. We have the results in 2/3 days all beautifully printed out for us to keep. Just had my annual check this morning and had 30% discount ! I send lots of people there for this and that testing. :-)

Hope you are able to help hubby - maybe try the vitamin route first and get them to OPTIMAL and see what happens....


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