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Went to see the Doc with my list of Symptoms - Guess What?

He is the Head Honcho in the practice - I waited to see him for a week so I could present him with my Basal temperature readings. I don't think he knew why as predicted by Shaws. He said based on what I presented clinically there was no doubt in his mind that I had hypothyroidism - however this did not match what the bloods showed. Familiar??

He said he would like me to go and see an Endo. I said I was losing the ability to function on a daily basis - how long will it take to get an appointment? Several weeks, says he. So I said I would go privately, so he will arrange. Arggghhhh.

Anyway I got the blood results out of him, as follows:-

TSH 3.14 on a scale of 0.34 - 5.6 (afternoon apt)

Different apt following week

T3 4.6 (didn't get the scale)

T4 10.0 on a scale of 7.9 - 20.0

Can someone interpret this for me please?

He said the rest of my blood results were good, especially the iron which was impressive!

Thanks to everyone!!xx

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FT3 results range is usually something like 4.0 - 6.8. If something similar applies to your results then both your FT3 and T4 are too low, so I'm not surprised that you are getting symptoms.

It makes you so wild, doesn't it, that you go to the doctor because you have symptoms and all s/he is interested in doing is treating a series of numbers printed on a sheet of paper. If you have symptoms you need treatment - that's why you went in the first place.

I understand TSH values are higher in the morning, so ask for a retest in the morning.


"TSH levels were lower in the afternoon compared to morning values in 41 of the 42 participants. Median TSH in the subclinical hypothyroid group was 5.83 mU/L in the morning vs 3.79 mU/L in the afternoon"

On that basis, your TSH could possibly be nearer 5 for a morning test and your doctor might be more helpful about treating you.

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Thanks very much for that Rosetrees!! I will print it and present it to him. Yes I am pretty wild about it, but it was what I expected given everybody else's experience. I look absolutely terrible but that doesn't count!! Thanks again for your help and advice. Sheenah


f you email to get a list of sympathetic private doctors and one may be near you. She also has a list of NHS Endos and tell your GP your preference.


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