What can they see on thyroid nodule ultrasound scan and how long do FNA results take to come back ?

Hi, I was diagnosed by my GP with Overactive thyroid in Nov 13. I was referred to Christies in Manchester. On my 1st app (late nov) my neck was examined and I was told I had a very large goitre they did some more blood tests etc and it had nose dived and went majorly underactive. 2nd app in dec I was prescribed 50mg levo no neck examination. 3rd app late jan i had another neck examination and was told I had a nodule on my left hand side. This was not mentioned in 1st app (just that i had a large goitre) so either it was missed or it has grown in the space of just under 2 months anyway I had more bloods which lead to an increase of levo to 75mg and I was sent for an ultrasound and FNA. I had this 5 days ago. I'm a bit freaked out as when I got in there the nurse said I might not need the FNA a lot of people don't end up having it and that it depends on what he can see. A few mins into the scan he just looked at me and said yes you will need a biopsy. Then went ahead with the FNA. I got the feeling he knows what he saw but he didn't say anything what so ever and I didn't ask, at the time as I just went blank. They said results would take a week but I can't get an app until the 19th feb which I said was too late and could they ring with the results. So from anyone's exp can things be seen on an ultra sound scan and does it really take a week ? They seem to ring me the next day with blood results etc. Also since the FNA my neck has been so sore but it was only a tiny needle ! Sorry if I have waffled just wanted to give the full picture. Thanks

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  • I don't know the answer to your question as I am sure it varies in different areas. I always had to wait until my next appointment to get the results of my scan and FNA. I think if it were something very serious they would contact your GP which is what happened when my bloods were way out of range. My neck was always sore too, it's a very sensitive area!

  • Hi debjs, thank you so much for your reply. I was starting to wonder why no one had replied as I posted this twice. My mind is running overtime I just cannot wait until 19th feb for results. I feel it's such a waste of time if it were anything serious. I might call them next week to chase it up x

  • Hi, I had a FNA done and got my results about 10 days later. FNA results I hate to tell you often come back as nonconclusive for some reason.so be prepared for this. Good luck.

  • Hi, I have recently read that they do come back inconclusive ! I think one member had 3 FNAs !!! I just hope I get a definite answer 1st time :-/ thank you

  • Hi Nodules do grow very s,lowly. You need a needle biopsy, but not as urgent as somethings. Try not to worry, they are usually negative and if not, plenty of time.if they were huge I am sure that you would have been given an appointment within a few days..

    best wishes,


  • Hi Jackie thank you for your reply. I had the needle biopsy (FNA) a few days after they were felt. I'm just waiting on the results. Hoping and praying all will be ok

  • Hi That is good. Try not to worry, so common. if it is a problem, although not a nice OP been done very successfully for many , many years.

    Very best wishes,


  • Thanks Jackie :-)

  • Hi, I had a FNA 9 months ago and had to wait until my next appointment for the results, only to be told by a nurse that the hospital had lost my results! Furious at this I complained and was then told that they hadn't lost them but that the results were inconclusive because they hadn't retrieved enough "material" to analyse! They said I'd need it done again in 6 months! What I'm saying is, even though my test results were inconclusive they weren't in a hurry to repeat it so try not to worry! I eventually went back 3 months ago to have it done again but after scanning my neck decided against it as the hot nodule within my goitre had collapsed within itself and was shrinking ??? I'm still suffering tremendous problems but it seems I never get clear answers!

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  • Hi Caz,

    Thank you for your reply. I have heard this a lot about FNAs been inconclusive and a second, third even fourth FNA required ! I hope this isn't the case as you well know it's frustrating and you'd rather have a yes or no answer. I called the hospital today even though they said a week (now day8) results are still not back. The lady I spoke to said she would inform my consultant tomo but I have a feeling I'm not going to hear anytime soon :-/ sorry to hear everything your going through. I hope you get answers soon enough. Thanks SARAH

  • So here I am 7 months down the line and still no clearer ! 2nd FNA inconclusive. App with my endo tomo to discuss next steps. Probably a 3rd FNA

  • Sarah, sorry it's another inconclusive FNA. Good luck with your appt tomorrow. If you want to post about it, start a new post as updates are often missed unless people catch it on their newsfeed.

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