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I don't know if it will help any of you but I decided when my latest Endo appointment was due I would take a list of all the symptoms (probably got a Hypochondriac sticker for that one). The Endo was not really impressed and argued that a lot of my symptoms could be caused by depression so I would suggest that if you take this idea on then please put your physical symptoms down first so they cannot accuse you of suffering from depression. The Endo kept the list and has put it in my two massive


The doctor I saw at my GP surgery however said that the list was great because that told him who I was, rather than the results of the blood tests even though they weren't showing much of a problem. (I wish I could keep him in arms reach forever but he will soon be moving on, wish I do could do a very sad emocion here!)

Anyway he so rightly said that having been given T3 the list can be referred to at a later date and we can discover what has been improved, so it definitely will be helpful as if you are like me you will forget about symptoms that might have disappeared and only focus on the most annoying ones that are affecting you on a current day to day basis.


1 Confusion and brain fog

2 Start talking and then lose ….......

3 Almighty weight gain

4 Constant fatigue even upon waking up

5 Head feels too heavy for neck

6 Catastrophic memory loss

7 Grammar and spelling disappearing

8 Dizziness

9 Vertigo

10 Dizziness in hands!

11 A feeling of being spaced out

12 Brittle nails

13 Hair falling out

14 My feet hurt when I stand on them

15 Muscle and joint pains

16 Bottom of eyebrows mostly disappeared

17 Itchy skin – leaves deep red marks for hours

18 Thickening skin

19 Skin doesn't heal properly any more

20 Forgetfulness

21 Feeling low but not depressed

22 Lethargy

23 Puffiness under eyes

24 Left eye rarely opens right up

25 Upper eyelids feel very heavy

26 Feeling very hot & clammy – different to hot flushes (I am an expert on them)

27 Feeling extremely cold – needing to be covered by blanket for hours

28 Leaky gut leading to permanently coughing up phlegm

29 Acid production

30 Arms and legs trembling

31 Hungry for air

32 High blood pressure

33 Low vitamin D

34 Enlarged tongue with scalloped edges

35 Shortness of breath, diagnosed with COPD but this is related to Hypoth.

36 Poor sleep

37 Slurred speech

38 Emotional

39 Lack of libido

40 Mentally slow

41 I am nowhere near the person I used to be – Will you please give me medication that will change my life?

I really do hope this helps.

Wishing you all good health.

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How are your B12 levels ?

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Good question right now I think I would be pushing my luck to ask for that especially considering they just gave me T3! I do take a 5000 strength supplement but don't really know if they are working. I have another added problem, a benign brain tumour which could also be responsible for a lot of the symptoms.


Ah if you are supplementing then further B12 testing is of little or no importance - as laid down in the Guidelines for GP's.

Everything you need to know about B12 in the above link :-)

Sorry to read about your benign brain tumour. Hope you find some answers soon ....

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Have you investigated food sensitivities?


Thank you for this list..I've added some to my list for today x and thanks for the reply on my thread x

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There's a very comprehensive list of hypothyroid symptoms on the main Thyroid UK website. Useful to tick the boxes next to the ones relevant to you, save, print, then re-visit on a regular basis to go through again to record changes.


Thanks Red Apple I guess I missed that one! Definitely a very useful tool to take to doctor and endocrInology appts. :)

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The thyroiduk website is brilliant. I find the symptoms list a Godsend when it comes to explaining underactive thyroid to people!


My question is this..... When you get treatment and levels are in normal range do you still have symptoms?


I could relate to all your symptoms. It's truly awful. I've lost alot of memory too. I can't read books anymore. The next morning I wake up and can't remember a thing of what I read. I have to re read it to remind myself. It's been worrying me but it seems it's normal.

I'm sorry you've been struggling like this. I can relate 100%!

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I find the whole indication that low thyroid patients are 'depressed' to be insulting, to the the least. My former doctor also went down this route when in actual fact I had hashi's. I now have a wonderful doctor who has put me on levo. I would say that ultimately it's not up to the endo whether or not your treated, the GP can act according to his own judgement. Not all endos say the same thing- the 2 that I saw had completely different views as to whether or not I should be treated, one saying, 'Yes, put her on a low dose of thyroxine,' and the other saying, 'Do not treat her until her TSH is over 10'! If you do come across a difficult endo, who is dismissive and won't take your list of symptoms seriously, feel free to say that the current TSH ranges (for the UK) are controversial, with some endos arguing that a TSH of over 2.5 is considered hypothyroid and indicates a failing thyroid gland. Good luck!


isn't it amazing how many endos, gps, (and specialists in other depts other than mental health) think they are qualified to tell you, its depression! Didn't realise so many are qualified in mental health..... NOT! Makes me so bloody angry!


I couldn't agree more with both Ada11 and caz1stuk. What doctor has the right to tell you that you are fine because your test results "are normal" whilst you are standing right in front of them dying on your feet, just holding on to the hope that you will find someone who will listen and offer the relevant medication.


I can relate to all your symptoms. Kept a list myself and showed them to the endo and always take a list when I go to see him. The thyroid nurse said that most of my symptoms are menopausal ("you are menopausal you know") as if you don't know when you're menopausal (especially after a hysterectomy because of fibroids - which I now know are thyroid-related). Funny how all the symptoms went away when I raised the levo dose and come back when I reduce it under doctor's orders - they can't explain that one!!!! Now self-medicating on NDT as I'm sick and tired of useless doctors and endos - they just need to walk one day in our shoes and they would then understand. So sorry to hear about your brain tumour. Good luck, I hope they listen to your symptoms and act on them rather than the stupid TSH blood test.


A lot of your symptoms sound like low B12. Have you had your levels tested?


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