My second appt with Winchester Doc

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I went for my second appointment with my private Doc yesterday, and although was not entirely dissapointed, I was slightly discouraged that he wanted me to get my TSH checked out in a few months time - T3 and T4 were not mentioned. Then after I had slept on it, I remembered that he is not a Thyroid specialist, and is in fact an integrative practitioner who deals with all illness per se. With regard to the recent Erfa problems, I asked if I could switch to Nature-Throid and he said he would research it before he put his name to it - which is fair enough as he has written several books and is very well thought of and highly respected. I left him my copy of STTM as I felt if he ever got the opportunity to read it it might do lots of his patients some good. He was very aware of the adrenal/thyroid axis and is keen, I feel rightly so, to get my adrenals back up to speed, so all in all, although it was a long and expensive journey in terms of fuel, I am fairly content. At least I am getting my NDT and he believes in this much more so than synthetics.

In terms of cost - has put his prices up by £2 - the first rise in 2 years - so his initial consultation is £140 and follow ups at £70 - he does not seem to put much of a mark up on his meds - which he supplies, including the NDT, Nutri and homeopathy. He encourages your GP to prescribe NDT, and mine has agreed to do so. He has given me 3 months supply of Erfa (90 tablets) at a cost of £32.40. Also he feels that once we get this sorted/balanced that he will only need to see me on a yearly basis. Also says we need to keep the NDT as low as poss in case it needs to be increased in later years.

His surgery in Winchester was packed - people coming and going all the time with all kind of problems - phone never stopped ringing - people begging for any cancellations - people coming out saying how much he has helped them - certainly a lot of confidence in him - he looked exhausted!!

Winchester is a lovely little city, and well worth a visit on its own - the irony is, I get a small pension from Hampshire County Council - after tax about £63 per month - and it is going back into their economy!!!! Such is life. Love to all XX

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What a lovely positive post Sheenah. I'm glad you had a good experience and overall was pleased with your visit. And I loved the irony of your pension - what goes around .......

Did he expand at all, on keeping the NDT low now, in case of a future need to increase?

Thanks very much! I think he errs on caution - keep some in reserve in case it is needed later - you would like him - any woman would - he has written a book on homeopathy and believe it or not - educating Doctors - it was there in the surgery - I had to laugh!! XX

Hi Sheenah, glad to hear you are doing well with your private Dr. I am thinking of seeing him in Bournemouth. I live in Cornwall so a long journey but there isn't anyone in the South West. Are you finding an improvement yet on his regime?

Hi Sheenah, as you know, I am going to see him in June and have asked by email if he will prescribe Armour, which I am currently using. The answer is yes, so I am looking forward to my appointment and hoping I like him as much as Dr Skinner.

So pleased you are happy with your treatment yesterday and hope things will get better and better for you. Should definitely like to know why we need to keep some NDT in reserve. Surely if we need it now, we should have it? No use being miserable now in case we need more later. Oh dear. I feel a mini confrontation coming on!

Hello my dear - no he wants me to stay low if everything is working incase we need to up it later - which at the moment is Ok - I think if I needed it now that would be OK - but I am not planning on climbing Everest - i have done that which is why my adrenals are f***ed!! Yes well last night I felt fairly confrontational but in reflection today I feel less so, and realise he is one man doing the best he can for everyone, not just us folk with thyroid issues - there were people there with all kinds of problems - I am always an early bird - can't bear to be late - so I watched people coming in and out - Phone calls never stopped - receptionist was exhausted - as was he. I gave him my precious copy of STTM as I said, and drove home with my precious husband and could not find a bite to eat on the A303 - visit to Tesco's and burger and chips when we got home. Stepped up the Nutri Adrenal by a half - see what happens. (this is laughable - I am a gourmet cook - but couldn't give a stuff about food any more!!)

What do we all say I manage to get this super guy to come to Mid Somerset and do a clinic\ talk\ something - there is a hotel nearby - try and get some good rates - its MY Centre - no charge for that - Yes - I do have a Centre - What do you think?? xx

how bad are your adrenals?

I've been looking at this doc, he sounds great and I used to live in Hants so know that area well. Isn't he the chap that also has a clinic in Oxford?

You know you can buy your NDT from the States or Thailand, just in case? I have back up in the freezer. Also I'm in agreement, dose by symptoms and optimal health, I've never heard that thing about needing some in the future, surely if that's the case, the you can take some more in the future? Also - teaching you to suck eggs here - but that adrenal fatigue needs to be dealt with first, too much NDT will blow them up (I know, I tried!).

But what a sweetie, and I understand putting in the miles to get to a good doctor, good on you (and your man). I hope it's a long time before some narked GP reports him to the GMC (call me a cynic but alas, I think it's only a matter of time for these good doctors)

Best wishes



I am fascinated that you put your pills in the freezer - could you expand on this? Yes dealing with the adrenals with Nutri Adrenal + Adreno Max have been since I started with the low dose of Erfa - he put me on the Adrenal glandular at the same time, now also Nutri Thyro Complex. XX

Yes - without doubt. I think i will ask him if he will come to our neck of the woods and use my Centre - but there are only 24 hours in one day and he already has 6 clinics in the South. But I will ask him. Cornwall to Somerset is much more doable in terms of mileage - he has 2 other colloauges ( Sod it - I can never spell it) who seem equally as good. I f I get a ground swelling from our site, and can offer definete appointments we may be able to get them to come. HEY OUT THERE _ DO YOU WANT TO COME AND SEE A GOOD DOC IN SOMERSET??? watch this space XX

I would love to see your lovely Dr in Somerset. I live in Cornwall so would be closer than travelling to Bournemouth!

Yes l would,as getting feed up with doctors whom don't correctly treat you,were you explain your simtoms fully,but deaf ears,not forth coming replys,good ones anyway.

So l have tbyroid/hasimoto.feed up of continuous systems,feeling tired etc,most of all this painish feeling in throat,had module removed,found red blood cells attacking left thyroid,hens hashimoto...then another lump ,back of tounge down throat,both Benin thank God,but l pushed for these oops,you have to be in control,so l was considering,maybe In The future go private and get a good overall,so in later years of my life,on 55 in Nov to leave well ,without ill health



Let me know please if you do have him at yr clinic.

That all sounds very positive, Sheenah, but like Hennerton I'd want optimal dose now and stuff reserves :-D

A good consultation is so uplifting and affirming. I hope you can get him to Somerset and share the lurve. He sounds amazing.

I'm not sure Iv'e made myself clear on this dosage thing - I started on 30mg Erfa for a few weeks, then went up to 60mg - if I am well on 60, and maintain the "wellness" then he recommends I stay there which gives me leeway if I do need to increase - thats what I mean XX

Ok, I get it now and that does make sense. He sounds like a very safe pair of hands. x


Can I just confirm that he is one of ours...? Thanks.



Yep, one of ours!! XX

Hi Sheenah, this is hugely helpful feedback thank you. I've been seeing another private integrative doctor from the TUK list in Hendon, and I must get round to posting feedback too. I'm still trying to get NDT from him after nearly a year. His theory us that we need to get the adrenals sorted first. LB

Hi Sheenah. I saw him 2 weeks ago. He's lovely, isn't he? He changed me onto Erfa which I think doesn't agree with me. Something doesn't. I improved rapidly for a few days and then spent the last week aching all over with stiff sore leg muscles. I've stopped the Erfa and gone back to thyroxine/nutri thyroid for a few days and meanwhile I've ordered some thyroid-s from thailand (which someone recommended to me in an email).

We really need him and his colleagues to train more doctors. It's totally ridiculous that the whole country seems to rely on him (and his colleagues) and Dr P. I'm sure that's an exaggeration, but that's what it feels like.

Thanks for updating us Sheenah.

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