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New blood results..after a reduction in 12.5mcg ...ft3 now BELOW range :-/ Any thoughts on them please?

New blood results..after a reduction in 12.5mcg ...ft3 now BELOW range :-/  Any thoughts on them please?

I saw Dr P last september and the result of the consultation was despite my ft3 being ABOVE range (7.3 range 4-6.8) on 62.5mcg cytomel and remaining symptomatic though greatly improved, to first try and raise t3 again before trying Armour. I'd also passed my adrenal physical tests, so I raised to 75mcg . Then stress levels increased greatly.

At this time i started to experience unpleasant cardiac symptoms and so dropped t3 to 50mcg and things settled.

However symptoms are creeping back in and am at my absolute worst 3 days before my period starts....i am evil! Pain and numbness at night in arms, fatigue, exercise intolerance, poor cognitive functioning, dry hair/nails, low mood and irritability. Temps are on average 36.5 on wakening, sometimes reaches 37 during the day (i am still working and am a busy bee most days) then by evening 36.6. Joints and muscles remain sore.

So...blagged a panel of bloods off my GP, as my Armour has arrived at the post office and thought a baseline would be useful....They are...( I didn't take any meds since the morning dose the day prior to the test)

B12 612 (190-700) *This is up from 325 , taken last August, on 1000mcg sublingual b12

Folate 4.5 (4.5-18.5) *

Ferritin 40 (13-20) *

VIT d (pending)

FT3 3.8 (4-6.8 )

FT4 0.4 (12-22) * Am i running on empty on these results??

TSH 0.86 (0.3- 4.2)

Sodium 141 (132-148)

Potassium 5.0 (3.5-5.3) * is this anything to be concerned about??

Calcium 2.25 (2.2- 2.6)

HB 13.9 (115-164)

Any advice on these results? Would it be a good time to add a grain of Armour? My thanks in advance as always.....


K xx

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considering you took no meds for nearly a day no, your thyroid bloods are not abnormal and you are not 'running on empty' :D

you should take some folic acid though, are you taking a b-complex? that would be a good addition

and increase your ferritin a little :)

keep taking b12 x


Thank you NBD X


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