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Advice re Ferratin, Vit D levels please. Also what is Icteric Index measuring?

These are my recent blood test results

Iron 116 (35 to 150)

TIBC 334 (260 to 445)

Iron saturation 35 (20 to 55)

UIBC 218 (235 to 295) along side this there is the letter "L" (I am wondering if this means Low) Doctor has made no comment about this and I am not sure if I should be trying to raise this?

Ferratin 60 (8 to 388) - Is this too low? If it is low what shall I take to increase the Ferratin levels?

Vit D 20 (30 to 100) "L" - - Doc has given me Vit D capsules - one a week of PO 50,000 units for 12 weeks then a retest. This is worrying me as I was supplementing D3 myself before the test so I was shocked at getting this low reading. Any comments welcome.

Icteric Index 1 (0 to 15) -What is this testing and should I be concerned about a reading of 1?

Lipemia Index 8 (0 to 50)

TSH sensitive 1.995 (0.28 - 5.13) - Is this on the low side? I am currently taking 150mcg daily

Thanks in advance for any comments


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Ferritin level doesn't look to bad, could be a little higher (70 - 90) and you can buy ferrous sulphate 200mg tablets from any chemist for £140 for 28. They need to be taken with a good vitc supplements and on an full stomach or your body will be unable to absorb them.

VitD - Are you taking one 50,000iu weekly for 12 weeks or am I reading that wrong? If you are then I think your GP is doing the right thing by you. I took 50,000iu daily for two weeks and my level went from 12.5 to 87 but soon dropped back to the 30's so I had another weeks course of 50,000iu daily. I know supplement 3,000iu daily to keep my level hovering around the 75 mark. How much were your supplementing before the test?

Sorry cant help with the low UIBC result but maybe someone else will come along with some info.

I would say your TSH is still to high at nearly 2, my TSH is 0.5 at the moment and thats where my body likes it to be, but if thats were your most comfortable and dont still have hypo symptoms then leave it alone but if you are still getting symptoms then the general opinion on her and elsewhere is that your TSH needs to be one or under for you to feel well.

Moggie x


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