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Psoriasis and Thyroid?


Anyone else suffer from both Psoriasis and Thyroid related symptoms? After a lot of battling I'm 2.5 week into being a put on a trial of thyroxine to see if it helps my symptoms. FT4 has been low to just inside the range while my TSH has been normal to low end of normal.

I've not had a thyroid antibody test after my doctor said it's not something they routinely do unless requested by the lab but when I have my next blood test I will try and push for it. I understand if you suffer from one autoimmune disorder you're likely to suffer from another one?

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I had psoriasis for twenty two years until I got onto a proper replacement dose of thyroxine (125mcg). Now I have no active psoriasis - I almost cannot believe it. Also, I have always tested negative for thyroid antibodies.

There must be some tie up, but I don't know what it is.

My TSH was always within the reference range, although gradually rising, but FT4 and FT3 were always low in range.

Jackie in reply to Ansteynomad

Hi You are right, there is definitely sometimes a connection. to eczema too.

When you have a thyroid test be sure to have TSH,T4 and free T3. often GP`s only do the TSH, useless on its own.Also with every blood test, always ask for a print out from receptionist, with the vital ranges. Labs have different ranges ,so vital. Keep for future problems too.

Best wishes,


Thanks for the reply, that's very interesting that the psoriasis has disappeared. How are you thyroid symptoms now, have they gone to?

Hi Gsp177, Yes I fit in to that. Funny I never thought about the connection. I had psoriasis for over 30 years but thinking about it now,it has become greatly reduced since taking thyroid meds. I also have an issue with gluten.

Hi there

I have both too except in my case I have an over active thyroid (graves disease).

Sorry forgot to add I'm on a gluten free diet.


I deveoped psoriasis in my armpits 11 years ago. I've been on thyroid meds over two years and it's gone. I use doublebase to wash and this helps to keep my armpit skin moisturised.

I had psoriasis for years but after diagnosis and starting on levo it disappeared.

Jo xx

Thanks everyone for the response. Is encouraging that some have found that their psoriasis has gone or been greatly reduced whilst on thyroid medication. Looks like It might be worth me going gluten free for a bit to see if that helps.

I have had psoriasis since I was 18 months old I'm now 30. I have noticed since I have been treated for my thyroid problems that It has improved that was until I had a major infection in my face due an operation on my parotid gland to remove a tumour. Then my skin just went nuts. That was last July I'm only now regaining control of my psoriasis again but my dose of thyroxine keeps getting altered as I'm either on too much or not enough. At the moment I'm on 150mcg 1 day and 175mcg the following day to see how I go but I'm still getting cold hands so not quite there yet.

Will let you know how it goes

Laura x

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