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I've been suffering from practically all the symptoms of hypothyroidism for over 8 years now. It has been a living nightmare. I came across the symptoms of an under active thyroid a couple of weeks ago and the hairs on my arms literally stood on end, I have so many of the symptoms. I went to my GP and she agreed to do a thyroid test, I was sure it would show there was something wrong but she told me today that my test results were normal. My TSH was 0.67 and my FT4 was 12.8. Does that mean that my T4 is at the low normal range? My GP insists it's not my thyroid but has agreed to do a T3 test and test for antibodies. This is all very new to me....any help is greatly appreciated. I've tried everything to feel well....even agreed to antidepressants and mood stabilisers in the past, even though I knew it was not depression causing my symptoms. Now I'm told I probably have fibromyalgia or ME.

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  • Was told I should add the the lab range. Not sure because I got results over the phone and jotted them down but the TSH was 0.67 (0.3 ??) FT4 12. 8 (9-23). I will get the missing figures tomorrow but hoped this might help

  • Hi,

    My results were exactly the same as yours 2 years ago. Unfortunately Drs will only look at your tsh and think it's more hyper than hypo. They will not look at the t4 and see its very low in the range. I eventually went private and got a hypothyroidism diagnosis (quite severely hypothyroid ). Now slowly getting better. My family and all my children have hypothyroid symptoms and very low in the range t4 and tsh so I'm guessing it could be something genetic. Your t4 should really be in the top end of the range.

    All the best x

  • This doctor feels that autoimmune Hashimoto is primarily genetic.

  • Before the blood tests for thyroid gland problems came in people were diagnosed according to clinical symptoms and GP's give a diagnosis according to the TSH results.

    About ten years later three new diseases were named, i.e. fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and ME.

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  • It's good the GPs agreed to the T3 test and antibodies, you should also ask her for B12, folate, ferritin, vit D and calcium. Nutritional deficiencies can be an underlying factor in thyroid disorders (hyper and hypo), causing poor conversion and also symptoms similar to thyroid disease.


  • Hi, ive just gone through the same thing exactly. But the first GP dismissed it and also suggested ME! I was pretty sure it wasn't that and didn't want to go down that road!! I have a family history of it too, including my Mum - all hypo. Your results look like mine did - borderline Hypo. Good luck x

  • Thank you everyone for your replies. They have all been a great help. I am going to do whatever it takes to get a diagnosis so that I can start treatment. I'm so unwell that at times I think I would be better off dead. I barely leave the house I'm so tired. I now have some hope....I'm going to try and get all the info I can in the hope my doctor might listen. If she does not then I might have to go private....God knows how much that will cost or even how I would find a good doctor. I'm so glad I found this place. If anyone else has a story similar to mine or any advice please reply, i appreciate it hugely.

  • Hi fun, I encourage you to watch these short videos. You may learn what is behind your particular low thyroid symptoms. Some people may start with cortisol/adrenal problems, sometimes it's female hormones at certain times and age. I thought they were all profound. Since someone mentioned the cofactors I will post #12, this could also apply to you. #12

  • Don't say you would be better off dead - you definitely wouldn't and your friends and family would be devastated. Loads of people on here can imagine just how lousy you feel because so many of us have been there and come out the other side.

    If you are in London Alan who has been asking for info to help his lady says they are pleased with St Bart's and can tell you who she sees, that would be a start for you, I'm sure that is NHS too.

    Keep going and just fight back ((( big hugs))))


  • This is one of many videos which I feel are really informative for the variety of causes for hypo symptoms. Some people start with adrenal problems, or leaky gut or female hormones and he talks about all of them.

  • I didn't think my first post went through and it was the wrong video so I reposted the correct one.

  • Hi there - all good advice above, and you have a good GP that will test antibodies (TPO Ab main one) hope the local lab will do FT3 - meanwhile can you specify your symptoms?

    Being down can also be low Vit D and/or B12 (B12 affects nerves) tiredness can also be irons/B12 or a combo with gut problems/absorption too - these are just a few deficiencies which can affect Thyroid function (and the other way round) - I've not figured it out yet, but it's all connected - so worth sorting out vitamins/minerals first (but 'some' doctors don't think it's worth it, unfortunately).

    I too was 'offered' a diagnosis of CFS/ME (but with the joint/muscle pain more like Fibro - and being in constant pain REALLY gets you down). So offered ADs every visit (it must say 'try ADs again' on my notes!) - for various reasons - tremor, pain, tiredness, insomnia, difficulty concentrating (my daughter offered them to gain weight!).

    One thing is for sure - there's no such thing as an Antidepressant deficiency! (Last time when offered, I asked my GP if I should be having a depression blood test first :D ) anyway glad you found us & hope things improve soon J :D

  • Hello, sorry it took so long to reply. My symptoms are severe fatigue, hair loss, change in hair texture (dry brittle hair), dry skin patches, definite brain fog and depression which I believe is due to my situation, muscle pain, joint pain and sometimes fluid retention.

  • I was diagnosed with Hashimotos in 2005 - at 59. All the Thyroid tests were in range - all were low in range. However the anti-bodies were high - and so I was diagnosed and treated. So the anti-bodies tests should help to further the diagnosis. I also had a scan which revealed nodes. Hashimotos is the most common thyroid condition throughout the world - so it is important to test for the anti-bodies. How is your gut health ? I had Crohns diagnosed in my 20's so realise there is a connection - albeit that was after ileo-caecal TB. So classic really - chronic inflammation followed by auto-immunity. Have also had the Fibro diagnosis - but find optimal thyroid treatment sorts that one as well as watching the diet and removing gluten as much as possible....

    I live in Crete so obtaining blood tests is easier - so just keep pushing for what to me is a common sense approach. If Hashimotos is the most common thyroid illness in the world then test for it please doctor.....

  • But your gp has totally ignored the condition of Central Hypothyroid which would give all the symptoms plus so called normal results when actually your pituarity is under attack and thus cant produce TSH to kick your thyroid into action

    a free t4 of 12 is not normal its very low

    you need thyroid antibodies done and a test that onlyvan endo can do to prove its central hypothyroid

    i will bet i am 100% correct its happened to 3 generations in my family

  • Hi I too have been told I have chronic fatigue / ME....I have all the symptoms of underactive thyroid, but normal blood results. I sympathise with you.

  • Thanks everyone for your replies....there is certainly a lot of good info out there. I had my second blood test today. My GP has repeated the thyroid test and added Thyroid autoantibodies, Prolactin and Free T3. She also tested ESR, Ferritin (? Low iron), Iron studies (? Overload), B12, folate, coeliac screen. As I mentioned in my first post my first results were TSH 0.67 (0.3-4.2). FT4 12.8 (9.0-23.0).

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