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Raw thyroid and thyroid - s


Hi ya'll I have been taking raw thyroid for about a month and raw adrenal, I think it has started to help. Also I got my Thyroid-S in the mail two days ago and I have started with 60 mg I guess. I take two pill early and then later in the day still take one raw thyroid and one raw adrenal. I know it has only been two day, (and a month for the raw ones) but man do I feel like.....awake....different...happy.....well!! I have a multi nodule goitre on my thyroid have symptoms of sorta hypo and hyper at times, blood within normal range but decided after going to the Endo private, spend almost a grand, and he just sat there didn't help me at all. Only said it all needs to be done again in six months, but now I have to go NHS. Good luck eh! So I decided to treat myself, I have been down with what I thought was thyroid for years, 6 or more, ask my GP to test my thyroid only to find out my GP could not have tested me and he lied saying I was normal. Sad. So far so good, I feel really good. Maybe it is the raw thyroid and adrenal kicking in, but can thyroid-s act in the body that fast, well no matter if it is placebo effect I don't care. I have taken my own health in hand. I have bought everything online. Thank you Thailand!!! Hope this might help anyone, although I am not saying do what I am but this is the first time in ages I feel fine. I will keep you posted as I know this is a hot subject here. X x x

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Been on Thyroid S myself since end 2012 and it works for me. Don't waste time on the NHS. Not sure what the other stuff is that you're taking. Be sure to get a blood test (privately) just so you know where you are and have something to go on.

It took me about 4 months (felt worse at times) before i settled on a dose and felt reasonable

Ritaritarita in reply to Hidden

Blue daffodil what does did you settle on? X x

Lorraine-1969 in reply to Hidden

Can you tell me what dose you're using? I just started on Thyroid-s (60mg)six days ago -- no noticeable results -- and today started taking 120mg. . (How long brfore I notice results?)

I found it took 3 months to notice a difference

I take one grain. X


Just in case, this is a link which may be helpful:-


Ritaritarita in reply to shaws

Thank you. That was very helpful.

I felt the difference with NDT within 2 days too, and after being really poorly for 3 months.

Thanks everyone for the reassuring comments, day three, took my dose this morning and am feeling great. Man I have suffered for years and years, I have never felt this, I,guess the word is awake and functioning. Yes next thing would be blood tests again, but the thing is I cannot afford another round of private test. I know there are cheaper ways but not sure how or what they are. I would appreciate any suggestion. This web site and literally saved my life, and sanity. THANK YOU!! X x x x

helvellaAdministrator in reply to Ritaritarita

Information about private testing available, along with much else, here:


Be very careful with using too much too soon. I can cause you to become overtreated, due to the T3 in it. I ended in the hospital from too much, which caused a crash in my potassium and calcium levels, leading to abnormal heart rhythms. This is powerful stuff. Do not underestimate this fact. It should be taken in two divided doses early morning and early afternoon. Increases should be given at least 2-3 weeks before you consider another increase. And PLEASE do not self treat without monitoring your levels strictly, this is not levothyroxine, it contains active T3 and too much T3 is harmful to the body.

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