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Me again! Help with blood test results please

After waiting 6 weeks I finally got a copy of my blood tests which were taken by a specialist. Unfortunately, I was only sent 1 page when clearly there should be more as three areas have a star highlighting them and it says "continued..." at the bottom of the page. Just wondering if anyone could shed any light


ESR. 17 (0-10 ref range)

Vitamin D 40.62 (50 -200)

Coeliac screen

Tiss transglutaminase IgA. 2.47 (Neg <20)

Antinuclear abs. Weak positive 1:80 titre. (Homogenous pattern). Antinuclear antibodies are associated with SLE, autoimmune chronic hepatitis, suggest testing for DNA antibodies. Antibodies to non histone soluble antigens.

Iron. 11. (10 - 30)

Iron binding capacity. 64. (45 - 72)

Transferrin saturation. 17. (20 - 50)

This is all I have.

I am hypothyroid. Last test, TSH was in range but am getting joint pain, very tired, out of breath climbing stairs and any exertion, bloated stomach.

I am on iron tablets and taking vit D

Can anyone shed any light as the above totally confuses me.

Thank you

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It doesn't look like your iron tabets are doing much as your iron and ferritin levels haven't moved much have they, which is possibly why you are breathless and very tired. How much iron and vitd are you taking?

Also have a look at this link I have just posted to someone else with regards to Antinuclear antibodies

Moggie x


Hi Moggie

I'm now taking 200mg ferrous sulfate 3 times a day.

My levothyroxine has been raised to 125 from 100, been on this for 3 weeks.

My vit D hasn't changed from 800 unit capsules one a day as the specialist didn't advise the doctor properly to change it despite advising me that I needed a much stronger dose. I have chased and chased the secretary to try and get the specialist to tell my doctor what she told me but to no avail.

These latest tests were supposed to check for arthritis and celiac which I think they have but I don't understand the results.

I had a week in Mexico and did start to feel better but now I feel really tired again and gave gained a few pound despite no change in diet. And aches have come back tonight (feet still painful at the end of the day though, that pain never went away) Worried that 125 levothyroxine could be too much?

Thanks for replying Moggie x


Sorry but can I ask why you are waiting for your specialist to inform your doctor regarding an increase in vitd - if you wait, and waste an awful lot of energy chasing, for doctors to do what they are supposed to be doing then you may never regain your health. I would have gone out and bought a two or three tousand iu supplement weeks ago and tried to sort the situation myself, especially if I felt as ill as you do. Your levo is being comprimised all the time your ferritin and vitd remain low so not only are you suffering low vitamin symptoms but your thyroid condition may also not be adequately treated because your levo is struggling.

I think it could be time for you to start trusting your own instincts and listening to what your body is telling you and to stop putting your sole trust in doctors and medics.

Moggie x


You are quite right and my husband and I (after lots of tears from me last night) know this is what we have to do. I'm new to all this doctor/specialist thing, never went to a doctor prior to all of this, have no idea how they operate and yes, put my trust in them. It's been a tough lesson but one I have now learnt. I have to take charge. The reason I haven't got any stronger vit d tablets is that I didn't realise you could just get them? I thought they had to be pescribed.


Amazon is the best place to get them (and the cheapest).

Why is your doctor not questioning the reason that, even though you are taking 600mcg's of ferrous sulphate a day, your iron and ferritin is not moving (you are taking it with vitc arn't you?). What specialist have you been seeing? Was it a gastro? and if so what tests have been done. If it wasn't a gastro then I would be going back to my GP and asking for a referral as you need the situation investigated.

Moggie x


Doctor is of the attitude "your seeing a specialist now, your under their care". I am due a follow up appt with specialist to see how I am and to go through results and have further blood tests to see if any change after taking stronger iron tablets. The specialist is an endocrinologist, supposedly excellent in both diabetes and thyroid issues. She was good and understanding at the original appt but the follow up after care since then has been diabolical. We are going to complain and as I say, go to another appt and be tougher. I know where I stand better now. It is very difficult to take the lead in all of this, I know I have to but I did believe I could trust these people and that they cared, why shouldn't I have thought that? Obviously, I am very naive but I am learning. I have to admit to being cautious of taking anything that hasn't been pescribed by a doctor although I am also very cautious of taking what is prescribed by a doctor! Can't win really.

And yes, I take as many iron tablets as I can with vit c, sometimes it isn't always possible but I try.

Thanks Moggie x


Any iron tablets you are taking without vitc will not be absorbing into your system so it's not worth taking them. Vitc doesn't just help the body absorb the iron it is essential as your body cannot absorb them without it.

You dont have to hide the fact, from your endo, that you are taking extra vitd, just tell her - and if she asks you why (which I dont think she will) you say you were acting on her suggestion from your last meeting but unfortunatly she failed to inform your GP of her views on increasing the vitd, and your gp refused to act without her instruction, so you took it upon yourself to do so as you could see your levels were low.

Dont be afraid to let your endo or gp know that what you thnk of your treatment. I have had major stand up rows with an endo before now and also had more than one heated discussion with my GP and , believe it or not, they tend to respect you more for speaking out.

Moggie x


Ferritin and folate are bound to be well below half way

transferin and iron are already low as is cacium

in order to absorb iron tablets you must suck 500mg vit c tablet at same time and both iron and vit c must be well away from thyroxine


Hi there, cups of tea or coffee, red wine and chocolate all inhibit iron absorption by the body so try herbal teas, fruity ones are nice and keep cups of tea well away (40 mins) from meals.


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