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What things do l need to get tested next time I get/ have a blood test?

Hi all

I'm planning on seeing my gp this Friday in regards to my symptoms not getting better ( TT July 2013 )

B12, folate, iron , t3, t4, tsh I remember but I want to make sure I don't miss any as the signs of my level being low are getting to me & I want to get on top of my black dog

What tests are there for checking adrenal health?

I plan to be more proactive about my condition this year & not just sit there & go "ok" & accept what drs say as gospel


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Make sure you get copies of your blood test results complete with the ranges for your own records and for posting if necessary.

This is a link for information and there are other topics at the top of the page but some links within may not work


My feeling is that you should prepare your doctor by asking if he will prescribe T3 or send you to an endo who will, if your T3 result is low. At least then he knows what you are aiming for and you will discover his opinion on the matter. I had TT seven years ago and was ill on Levo for most of them but I am slowly recovering with the help of T3/T4 combo. I have also tried T3 only for 9 months but so far, the combo is working better for me. It is all a puzzle and we are all so different. Good luck at the appointment.

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Ask for VitD too. Many hypothyroid px are low/deficient.

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