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How do I get my consultant to do a Free T3 test?

I have suffered from thyroid problems for 5 years or more. I was prescribed Levithyroxine 3 years ago & my GP says it's under control as my TSH test is within normal range. I am symptomatic & the symptoms are getting worse. I had private blood tests done by Blue Horizon as my GP would not do the split hormone tests. My Free T3 & Free T4 are both low. T4 is at the low end of the normal range 13.4 reference range is 12-22 but my T3 was below normal range. My GP conceded that there might be a problem and sent me to a consultant but he will not do a Free T3 test, despite me specifically requesting that he did on both of my visits. I was going to try to talk him into prescibing T3 on my next visit but how can I when he won't accept the Blue Horizon result but won't do the test for himself?

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My consultant prescribed T3 without doing test first


That's interesting, I can't see mine doing that, he just doesn't seem open to the idea.


If your blood test shows you are positive to thyroid antibodies this indicates Hasimotos disease. You can produce T4 but the enzymes which convert T4 to the more useable T3 are gradually destroyed. The GP should let you have the blood test to determine whether antibodies are present or not. With my diagnosis I did my own research asked for the blood test and an appointment with an Endocrinology Consultant and took my research with me.(look online for negative feedback research) The Consultant agreed with my research and prescribed T3 Liothyronine straight away. I have been on it without weight gain for 10 years but my thyroid is now failing more and the GP tried me on Levothyroxine which does not agree with me. Am now prescribed Eltroxin in conjunction with the T3 but am having trouble finding it locally. Apparently it is available online. Am hoping that taking both will reverse the weight gain and give me my memory back! All the best.


Can I demand that he does it? I have asked him to twice now and he has done Free T4 instead. He even sent a letter to my GP saying that my FT3 level was 13 .4. That didn't 't make sense to me so I phoned the hospital Endocrinology unit who told me that this result was my FT4 level not FT3. If I hadn't found out about reference ranges I think he would be pulling the wool over my eyes! Thanks for your input, I will go armed with as much info as possible on my next visit.


I got my T3 tested by writing on the form. On my hospital blood test form, it says TFT (Thyroid function test) : TSH, T4. Beside it, I write "T3" in big letters and in the same colour pen my consultant used! It has worked so far.

I have seen other people post on this forum who have had success with writing "T3 possible conversion issue" on their forms.

Good luck.

A x


I will give this a try if possible but he sent his request to the nurse via email backed up by a phone call last time- sneaky eh?


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