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TSH has risen, but t3 and t4 in range, thoughts?

Hey All, My TSH has risen from 4.2 in May. I'm still waiting on results of RT3, what do you guys think? My Antibody levels were low in the last test too so I didn't get them this time

TSH - 6.33 [ 0.27 - 4.2 ]

FT4 - 19.5 [ 12 - 22 ]

FT3 - 6.2 [ 3.1 - 6.8 ]

PROGESTERONE - 3.1 [ 0.7 - 4.3 ]

TESTOSTERONE - 22.7 [ 7.6 - 31.4 ] This has gone up!

LH - 5.4 [ 1.7 - 8.6 ]

FSH - 4.7 [ 1.5 - 12.4 ]

SHBG - 55 [ 16 - 55 ]

17-Beta OESTRADIOL - 49 [ 44 - 156 ]

PROLACTIN - 384 [ 86 - 324 ]

is it worth testing my cortisol levels?

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Wow. I don't know too much to comment on the results but that is a very nice panel of tests. You seem to be in good hands whoever is testing all of that. Where do you have it done?!


privately, at great expense


Where abouts?!


Manchester, Pall Mall Medical


You need a raise in your medication to reduce your TSH.


I'm not on any thyroid medication


If you have not yet been diagnosed, the usual rule is that no meds are prescribed until you reach 10. Some doctors do take clinical symptoms into account but many dont and may not even know them. This may be helpful to you.


Maybe you can have a private consultation, if so email louise.warvill@thyroiduk.org for a list of doctors.


Hi Regarding cortisol testing. My Endo says that the only test that is any use is 24 urine collection with a low dose cortisone tablet at midnight ( prescribed) and a blood test at 9am. She does not accept the other tests and in fact is usually proved right about them.

Regarding testin, if you shop around and do not ever go through a private hospital. The most well known and reliable tests are on line ,Blue horizon. They are used buy most private hospitals, another name.Docs approve of them etc. They have a venous blood tests, but only do that if some obe will take your blood for free. or the finger prick .slightly dearer, it is not really a finger prick as you obtain some blood yourself, in a phial, yes from the finger. Totally reliable. If you use them quote TUK 10 for a discount, starting at £10 rising according to what extra tests you wish for

The other tests you have had are Endo too.

Your T4 and FT3 are good. Regarding the TSH, it is possible that it would not be treated because of this. However, if you do not think thyroid is right, there culd be something else thyroid wise. if it was me, I would find a really good Endo, check with the secretary on her prescribing views, then if happy , ask for a GP referral.

A private doctor would not look at underlying problems. A private Endo, is a consultant, often with more leeway than when working in the NHS, as they do too..

I hope that is some help.



Ditto ..........there must be a reason why your TSH is that high


I'm hoping due to cortisol issues


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