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Low T4, normal T3 and TSH

Okay so had a follow up blood test, I'm not yet on any meds. I have Hashis as previously discovered late last year,

Bloods in sept (2016)

TSH: 1.7

T3: 3.9

T4: 12.1

Bloods in January:

TSH: 1.5

T3: 4.8

T4: 11.8


TSH 0.27- 4.2

T3: 3.1-6.8

T4: 12-22

Just wondered what does this mean in regards to my thyroid health? What causing low T4, what are the symptoms and what can I do to bring this up?:)

Doctors are saying this is normal and are not concerned, will have a follow up again in April :)

Any knowledge/advise would be great thanks :)

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Advise is not possible without the ranges - the numbers in brackets, after the result. The results on their own are meaningless. :)


Hey:) I've provided ranges underneath results :)


Oh yes. Would have been much better if you'd put them beside the results. Sorry to moan, but...


Right... sorry

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Are your doctors waiting for your tsh to get to 5? 10? These results are not normal if your t4 is below range.

If you're very symptomatic and you have Hashi's and your doc is going to make you wait until your tsh reaches an arbitrary magic number before treating you may want to think about self-treating down the road.


Yeah it's such a headache talking to the doctor about it, like you said they want me to get to the point where everything is a lot worse :( self treatment? Please tell me more about this :)


Could be secondary hypo (problem with pituitary), in which case TSH will never rise - ask for endo referral on those grounds. Or if you are taking a supplement containing biotin, it can make TSH appear lower than it really is.


Have you had Hashi's confirmed by antibody tests? Does your GP know this?

Dr Toft, leading endocrinologist and past president of the British Thyroid Association, states in a Pulse Online magazine article that in the presence of antibodies Levo should be started 'to nip things in the bud' . Email for a copy of the article and you can show it to your GP.

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