T4 53 and under range - is this significant please?

Sorry, originally did as a post - had a private test as suspect may be hypo and TSH was on the high side. I am symptomatic with Fibro and CFS diagnosis. Someone has suggested an endo. What exactly do these results show please?

TSH 3.33 (0.27-4.2)

T4. 53 ( 59-154)

FreeT 10.3 (12-22)

T3. 4.6 (3.1-6.8)

Thanks x

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My TSH was 3.3 when first tested, although my free T4 was higher than yours, and I felt utterly dreadful, so I would be highly suspicious that you are hypo, rather than fibro/CFS.

I take it your GP wasn't interested when you told him/her the results? X

Nope!! And endo has been worse! Started self medicating last weekend, feeling much better.

That's good to know, I'm considering not even mentioning it to my GP and going straight to self medicating because of the headache it will cause!

If you feel you want to, I can completely recommend Dr Peatfield's book. It really takes you through the whole protocol. X

Thanks, that's great. How do you know where to buy legit levo from? X

If you're going to DIY I would go straight to NDT, rather than Levo. But you can get it. Drop me a PM if you want more info. X

I agree with HarryE. I have a TSH of 3.5 and FT4 of 11 and I feel awful. I was diagnosed with CFS 10 years ago, but since finding this site im sure I am hypo and am currently pushing for a diagnosis.

This could be secondary (central) hypothyroidism. The anwers via this link may help;


This condition is so often missed and appropriate testing not given so be sure to ask your endo to consider this diagnosis - Maddie

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