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So we're all fine then! Maybe a poem for Edinburgh!


In Summary;-

Waiting by the letterbox,waiting for replies,

Have written and sent my queries,

Ah ha - hear what "experts" now advise.

- Take whichever, lio, meds you like -we really don't mind,

Differences in brands or batch?

Just take any type or kind.

Adrenal function is just fine, synacthen tests says so,

If you still want reassuring - give it another go.

But when faced with ACTH - wow your cortisol sure goes!

Vit D - now there's a thought - we had you on maintenance dose,

Perhaps you could now double - yes - let's say that'll take you close.

Iron - well forget it you're now post menopause,

It shouldn't make a difference and taking it's a bore.

All vitamins and minerals? They probably don't matter,

you can go and buy a supplement - your wallet won't be fatter.

Antibodies really? They're just a diagnostic tool,

To use their levels to help us treat, would make us all look fools!

Research projects - what based near home - you'd like to be in one?

We don't know of any - because the finding out is done.

Trialling your timing - of taking your T3?

you might be able to we s'pose - if you go privately -

With bated breath I read again - their advice on NDT -

guess the response , all sufferers - still unbelievably -

Levo you've stopped: Lio you're on and that's you see the active one,

And as for others? - we've no clue what T1 and the T2 do -

shhhh - We'll not even say NDT to you!

c Sarahstevenson

Summary of my endoUK reply.

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Fantastic! Well done Sarah. That just about sums it up.



You're very clever. You'll have to set it to some music and it could be a Thyroid Anthem.

Moggie in reply to shaws

Can you rap then shaws????.lol. or maybe we could get on the case.

Moggie x

shawsAdministrator in reply to Moggie

Maybe the Admin could be the 'backing group'.

Moggie in reply to shaws

You haven't heard me sing!!!!!! - the words strangled and cat come into mind - I am definitely no "Supreme".

Moggie x

Great post and soooo true.

Moggie x

That's a great poem! I've just tried singing it to the tune of 'o come all ye faithful'...well, almost! x

It is a transcript of the letter I received on Saturday from my endo - just thought I'd make it rhyme a little could ask my Irish music friend to write us a tune :-)

I can even imagine who the endo was if you went to RIE


Very good and so true...unfortunately! sigh.....

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