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Adrenal test results


Here are the results of my Adrenal tests, any advice/comments would be greatly appreciated

DHEA* 146.42 pg/ml 106.0-300.0 female

Cortisol Morning 8.43 nmol/L 5.1-40.2; optimal range: 18-35†

Cortisol Noon 2.34 nmol/L 2.1-15.7; optimal range: 6-12†

Cortisol Evening 0.99 nmol/L 1.5-8.0; optimal range: 2.0-5.0†

Cortisol Night < 0.33 nmol/L 0.33-7.0; optimal range: 1.0-4.0†

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Do you have a GP who would look at this? I would hazard a guess that a 24 urine cortisol test would come back below range. Then they'd have to test blood.

You must feel 'defeated'. My cortisol was just above Addison's and I had no ooomph in me whatsoever. No fight, no flight. Not enough energy for paralysis.


Would you mind telling me what you are doing about your low cortisol because I am in the same position.


Hello Holly10

I only got the results on Friday so nothing at the moment. I have asked for advice from the other members who may have had a similar result . I am waiting to speak to my doctor next week.


Since I have arthritic issues in my back which prevent me from 'getting ahead' at a 'normal rate' fitness wise, I take 5 mg of prednisone every morning. This helps to prevent weeks long inflammatory pain from activity and let's me get moving sooner. It's a 1 year experiment. So far I've managed to strengthen the low back and it is stable. Middle back is not cooperating.

Back in 1999, I had a 24 hour urine cortisol test done. The amount measured over the 24 hours was normal. This doesn't mean the amounts produced by the adrenal glands would have been 'normal cycle pattern' which was not checked. At that time I had some fight left in me. By 2012/13 when I had a blood cortisol checked in the a.m. it was quite low and 2014 was 215 (170 is the cut off for Addison's). I'm sure this doesn't help with the inflammation in my back. I had zero fight left in me and was having a hard time dealing with life challenges. The low thyroid also contributed

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Thank you for your reply. I have severe osteoporosis in my spine and so would have to think more than twice before taking steroids. Every time my cortisol is checked it has gone down and I worry about that which of itself is no doubt a bad thing. I have recently had a blood test and will be seeing the Endo at my local hospital next week, so fingers crossed. Best wishes to you. Holly


I have not had a bone density test done as of yet. It's on my 'to do' list. Going to turn 60 this year and probably it's a good idea to check things out. I've been taking vitamins D3, K2, and magnesium since maybe 2008.

I think though one of the problems causing bone issues is lack of adequate protein not just stuff like the vitamins, calcium and magnesium. It's probably not all that difficult to have inadequate quality protein intake for hypothyroids due to lack of energy to provide for ourselves. And then the digestion isn't fabulous either.

I was underdosed for many many years and it was getting worse over time. The back injuries happened during that time so I don't know if my life would be considerably less painful if thyroid levels would have been optimal. I don't even want to ruminate on that subject because it tends to make me angry and I need my energy for better things.


Thanks for your reply . I have sent the results to my GP she is away for a few days . You are right I don't have a lot of energy , I have terrible pains in my joints and legs. Burning on the soles of the feet . These of course could be due to Hypothyroidism. My dose was reduced due to a low TSH reading of 0.2. However I have since increased it back as I have been so unwell .


Hello, I hope you don't mind me asking - but where did you get your cortisol test done? Was it a private one you sent away for?

Also - do you take any magnesium? I get terrible foot cramps, almost feels like they are burning, and magnesium before bed has really helped with that. Sure you already know this but just wanted to mention incase not.


Hello . I did the Regenerist Test . There is a link on the Thyroid UK website . You have to collect a saliva sample 3 times a day . Then send itbof and the results take about a week to come through . I do take Magnesium .

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