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Help with Adrenal Tests please. I don't know what to do next!

I currently take both Levo and T3. A response to a previous question around why I might still be feeling some hypo symptoms suggested that I might have adrenal issues so I had the Genova 24hr saliva test. The results are below and I am not sure how to proceed. I have looked at DR P's book which suggests that you should stop thyroid meds before trying to treat adrenal issues but I am really nervous about trying to do this. I am starting to become more than usually anxious and I do not know what to do next. Any help or advice would be gratefully received.

Cortisol Levels

Sample 1 22.4(12-22)

Sample 2 12.7 (5-9.0)

Sample 3 3.7(3.0 -7.0)

Sample 4 0.6 (1.0-3.0)

(Commentary suggests that high levels may be a result of low blood sugar)

Total daily cortisol 39.4 - inside range


Sample 2 (am) 0.15

Sample 3 (pm) 0.07

Range 0.20 - 0.70

DHEA:Cortisol Ratio 0.28 (0.60 - 3.0)

Adrenal Stress Stage

Resistance Stage 3 - Maladaptation - usually reflects the "pre exhaustion or pre adrenal fatigue" states.

Secretory IgA Results


Normal range = 118 - 641

Optimal range = 130 - 471

Thanks in advance.


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Who did you get the test done through? I thought GD only did tests through qualified therapists? a qualified therapist should be able to discuss this or call GD to ask for clarification.

Your generally high cortisol results would make me believe you are either going for long periods without food or have a very high GI diet and having subsequent blood sugar lows which is triggering high cortisol excretion. You may also be experiencing very high levels of stress.

One reading is on the lower side of normal which would suggest your adrenal glands are starting to underperform and if you continue as you are the other levels will start to drop also until you start to flatline and go on to full adrenal fatigue.


Thx for this. Do you know the importance of the Dhea to cortisol ratio?



I'm in a similar position to you - taking meds for hypothyroidism without any improvement and getting the cortisol test done. The doctor I'm seeing is keeping me on the thyroid meds for now, but I have also just started to treat my adrenals under his guidance with dhea and other supplements. I've only started the adrenal treatment this week so no improvement yet, but the doctor said he didn't want to rock the boat by stopping thyroid meds first as my thyroid levels were stable. I think it is very difficult to know what to do without a doctor, as you get huge amounts of conflicting advice on the internet, which just makes things even more confusing. Maybe see a doctor if you can afford it, the one I see is £55 for each follow up appointment, which I do by phone as the travel costs would be high otherwise. Personally it's made me more confident in the treatment to speak to someone rather than trying to interpret all the various internet advice myself. Which isn't to say that these forums aren't invaluable.


Thanks Rosa. Where is your doctor?


I've sent you a message Jenny


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