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blood tests

had blood test july 2013

serum TSH level " 0.01mu/L [ 0.35 -3.50 low

serum free t4 level "27 pmol/L [ 8 -21 } high

serum free t3" level 3.3 pmoL [ 3.8 -6.0 ] low now on 125gms levothyroxine now getting joint pain and feeling tired again

blood test sept 2013

serum free t3 level " 4.0pmol/L [3.8 - 6.0

serum free t4 level 25 pmol/L [8.21 ] high

serum free t sh level 0.03mu/L [o.35 -3.50 low now been put on 100 gms levothyroxine

and now feeling ill and can sleep for england also my husband say i must be eating crocodile sandwiches now had blood test done to day would it help if i took t3 i have hashimotos and only part of thyroid left

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Yes, it does seem as though you may not be converting your T4 to T3, hence the high T4 and low T3. Why do GP's not look at these results and see the anomaly? It is even more likely when you have had part or all of your thyroid removed. I think if I were you I would first try your GP, explain your symptoms and that you believe you have a conversion problem, very obvious in the tests. Ask for T3 or referral to an endo who can if GP is unable to prescribe. Most cannot. If he refuses, I am afraid the private route is your next option, or self medicating, about which I know nothing, but others could pm you if necessary. Do hope you get help and start to improve soon. x


Hi Yes, I certainly think taking T3 and likely less T4 would help. T4 ideal usually in top third of range and FT3 near the top. If you start T3, usually a good idea to start on a tiny dose, much less than prescribed for the first week.For less side effects.Gradually work up to the prescribed dose, split 12 hour apart. A retest TSH, T4 and Free T3 after 6 weeks on full dose.,

You could have a problem unless you see a really good Endo, do your own research and check them out, then ask for a referral. this is because your TSH is already low and a lot of docs especially GP`s will not give T3 on that result. You could try and get a 3 months trial and suggest the T4 is reduced a bit.

Best wishes,




serum free t3 level "2.4pmol/L [3.8 - 6.0 low serum free t4 level 19 pmol/L [8.21 ]

serum free t sh level 0.22/L [o.35 -3.50now been put on 100 gms levothyroxine one day and then 125 gms next day


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