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blood tests

Hashimotos + blood test results

Hello everyone

I have been diagnosed with Hashimotos for the last 20 years

overwhelming fatigue - huge need for sleep

sudden inexplicable weight gain -

acute intolerance to cold - always cold when others hot

serum free t 3 level 3.7 [3.8 - 6.0 low serum free

t4 level 18 pmol/L [8.21 ] serum free

t sh level 0.01L [0.35 -3.50

doctor said ok also they done cholesterol which was 7.9 he was more worried about that does anyone know if your thyroid can affect cholesterol levels anyway still feel tired and foggy head. I AM ON 125 gms lethoxine

sudden spike in cholesterol - 79 when usually 4.5 was on 150 for the last 5 years now all gone pear shape then on 125 then on 100 now back on 125

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i also have severe osteoporosis which i take cal c and d and also bone pill


Hi, yes being hypo can cause high cholesterol. It sounds as though you need to increase your dose again, and don't worry about the suppressed TSH. It may be that your adrenal glands are struggling too, as this can happen when hypo for some time.


thank you going to see doctor next week going to ask if i can go back to see endo last see him 15 years ago


I think you may need an increase in your medication. Higher cholesterol is also a symptom of hypothyroidism as is weight gain and some of your other symptoms. Some doctors, due to the TSH, keep you 'within range'. This is a link which you may find informative:-



thank you


Your FT3 is LOW - in fact below the range. Could be that you have a conversion problem - not converting T4 into the Active T3. Often the case with Hashi's - myself included. The low T3 could be causing many of your symptoms. Had you considered adding T3 to your T4 dose ?

How are your vitamins - B12 VitD Folate Ferritin Iron - they all need to be towards the top of their ranges....

I have slightly raised cholesterol. What is your HDL reading ? Divide the Triglyceride result by the HDL result and it will give you a reading - if less than 2.5 - you should be OK. When the metabolism is slow - then so is the processing of cholesterol. Over 80% of cholesterol is made in the body and so is there for a reason. It is needed in the brain - for processing VitD in the skin - to make hormones and so on.... Sadly Docs are paid for prescribing statins but not for finding out the underlying causes....

I'm not a medical person - just learnt from the hedgerows of life and this forum :-)


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