Gall bladder removal operation on Friday 01/11/2013, yippee, then at last I should be on the road to much better health xx

Graves Disease, Hashimotos, very severe TED, high blood pressure, gallstones, hiatus hernia, GORD, etc etc... total thyroid removal op 18/06/2013, tonsils out in 1959, appendix out 1976 and ovaries removed due to massive cysts in December 2007.. ....Phew!!!

I've got my case packed and my trusty T3, levo, sublingual methy b12, selenium, omega 369 and 50+ super vitamins, Ramipril ,and Gaviscon... Is there any more meds I should be supplementing with??

Got my list of questions for my surgeon, .....gosh he won't know what's hit him,.... I just hope I'll be brave enough to ask him all my questions..

..After all the super advise from you lovely guys I'm well informed....

I'm going to ask about low B12, intrinsic factor testing, adrenal function tests, malabsorption , folate, ferritin, and hiatus hernia. I'm also going to mention about to use of nitric oxide.

Is there anything else I should mention???

I can't wait to get it all over with and get on that road to recovery, roll on Christmas I'll should be raring to go by then.... Big hugs everyone xxxxxx Nuttytish

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  • I wish you Good luck for your operation this week and a very speedy recovery.

    Love Angie xx

  • Thank you xx

  • Don't touch gaviscon it contains Aluminium and its probably the absorption of aluminium that's at root of some of your ill health

  • Oppps thanks for that, I was taking the deadly lansoprazole but on valuable advise from you lovely people I stopped taking that and switched to Gaviscon , I only take it if my acid reflux get really bad, is there anything else I could be taking? Xxx

  • Hope the op and your recovery go well!

  • Good luck hope it goes well,lets us know.xx

  • Wishing you well, hope everything goes well for you x

  • All the very best Nuttytish on your road to recovery...D x

  • Wishing you all the best x

  • Thank you, big hugs xxxx

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