Running out of Armour. What do I do?

I'm on Armour - prescribed by a consultant 4 hours away. I cannot get to see him for a further appointment and despite leaving heaps of messages with secretaries etc at the hospital he hasn't got back to me. Now I have one week of Armour tablets left and it's looking very unlikely I'll get any more for at least a few weeks, if then (as even if he sends me a new prescription without seeing me - which he may not do, - it'll still take the pharmacy at least a week to source it) What do I do? Do I just start taking thyroxine that I have in the cupboard from 6 months ago? Should I start phasing it back in gradually now or wait until I totally run out then start back on thyroxine - at least so i have some in my system. Or should I take some t3 - I also have some of that stashed away from a while back when it was given to me as a trial. I can't ask my GP as she will have NOT A CLUE what I should do! It's all SO confusing. I really feel like there's noone out there that can actually help me and give me confidence in the medications that i'm taking. :-(

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  • Hi Did you write a letter to him and then send it via his own secretary? usually unless you have the Endo`s e mail address, this is best. I have found messages are often useless. He can send a script direct to your pharmacy by Fax, with all the details.I always use Springfield in London by post, 020 8255 8096 dedicated line 10 am to noon , Mon, Tues, Thurs and Fri. They are extremely quick, keep a large stock and the cheapest I have ever found. I they have a script faxed and you pay over the phone ( on a card) they will send it out the same day.Otherwise, if you can take Levo and T3 ( similar in content) then will your GP prescribe these both, it does mean you can get all the treatment NHS. I am assuming your consultant is an Endo and not a private doctor?Of course, if you were without treatment for a few days, your thyroid would just get worse, but this would soon be rectified on the correct dose for you, afterwards. For many things ( hospital) thyroid treatment does have to be temporary stopped, your body soon catches up on the correct dose.

    I hope this helps.

    besst wishes,


    Not sure if you know to reply to a post ,click on "Reply to this,"under that post.

  • Thanks very much. I was just concerned about potentially feeling rubbish as I'm about to go on my first holiday in ages and really want to enjoy it. It all just seems to be so time consuming sorting it all out and really I've got too much to do to be chasing after endos! Best wishes

  • That is bad timing. If going to some countries, I doubt USA or Canada but more Med, countries ,I believe you can get armour over the counter, make sure it is sealed and made by forest though, the only real makers, others may not be secure.

    I hope you sort it Ok.When i have had to be off it in hospital ,it has surprised me that has had not seemed to make much difference, if only for a short while.

    Best wishes,


  • It would usually be your GP's responsibility to issue ongoing prescriptions.

    You might need to contact your consultant to get them to persuade your GP. (Mind, the consultant's letter to your GP might already explain things.) And your GP is not forced to prescribe Armour if they do not accept it as appropriate. But that is the "proper" route and, if once achieved, should lead to a simpler life in future.

    Some of these apparently very simple things are simply NOT explained to us. There is nowhere to find out easily. Or, if there is, it is not easy to find that place! Until a few years ago, I had not the slightest idea as to how the repeat prescription system worked. No need. But you get a repeat on your prescription and have to find out!


  • I didn't realise that GP's were allowed to prescribe it. If they are, my GP is pretty open to persuasion from me so that might be worth a go!!

  • Hi Rod,

    I am allergic to armour but still trying all the correct ways my GP will not under any circumstances prescribe Armour. In my experience if they can avoid anything that is expensive, for any reason they do. You need to have a very good and caring GP for things to be different, rare indeed!


  • Don't know where you are but it sounds like you are using the wrong chemists!!! Try Lloyds, my sister and I always use them and they get our Armour within a few days.

  • Thanks, I'll try Lloyds if I ever get the prescription!

  • I used Pharmarama and they sent me the Armour to arive the next day.

    What dose of Armour on, as you could work out an equivalent amount of T4 and T3 to take to tide you over if needed? xx

  • Thanks. I might try Pharmarama. I'm on 2 grains a day which I split over two doses (one first thing in the morning and one in the evening). Please could you let me know the equivalent if you know in case I need to resort to that?

  • It's roughly four T4 to one T3. You should probably separate the T3 into two doses.

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