End of my tether

I don't know where to startwith this. I firstly had to have a total hysterectomy in 2012,age 39. Because of awful agonising periods and pain all over! Went into hrt. Weighed about five stone less then as well. Had endometriosis.. My bowel (sigmoid colon) was thickly stuck to my uterus. So had hysterectomy! Was all OK then around 1.5/2 years later I started getting bloated etc in stomach(upper centre abdomen). Also burning feeling in abdomen which would rise to chest area. My bowel movement's became loose and excuse this, but looked like cow pat and foul smelling.. I've since been diagnosed with hypothyroidism (in Feb 2016)and then a sliding hiatus hernia in july 2016)

I'd been experiencimg coldness and constipation before hand but after taking Levo for a while the freezing side of it seemed to go away! I'm on 150mcg and my levels r apparently OK(2.84) at last test which was quite a while ago (DEC maybe?) I'm at my tether as I've got almost constant discomfort in stomach and chest area, am freezing cold, toilets r back to hard big stools again, no matter what I eat it feels stuck in stomach and chest area! I also have had humming in ears since 2015 on and off.. I've been having panics because I can't even move arms up without getting chest discomfort or stab type pain after in my right breast which then gets red mark there. I'll even suddenly get freezing cold with it OR I'll sweat. I'm sat here now and the freezing cold feeling goes all over across my chest area, hands feel cold and feels like I got permanent indigestion in me everywhere. Does anybody have any idea what's wrong with me? Or had similar ? So basically I'm in menopause (I'm 45 now), sliding hiatus hernia AND under active thyroid! I'm all tensed up in my shoulder and arm area, I can't relax at all. Hands look as dry as anything.. Fed up of feeling like this

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I suspect you had endometriosis along with hypothyroid and now HRT has pushed thyroid over the edge

HRT messes with thyroid and few GPs have any understanding of thyroid

Hi, I hadn't finished my post and pressed send by mistake. I've now posted it again..I have no clue if I had thyroid problem at time of the endo.. Think my belly issue began in 2009(painful periods I mean).. I can't remember if blood tests in past for thyroid were all okay.. But I've been on hrt since 2013.. Patches.. I didn't know hrt messes with thyroid..


Oral HRT may reduce absorption which is why it is advised to take it at least 4 hours away from Levothyroxine but there shouldn't be any problem with transdermal HRT.

Hi, yeh I only use hrt patches .I have rea on my Levi leaflet that certain meds can affect the way it works.. And hrt is one but I assumed that meant pill form only as well..

Female problems are due to hypothyroidism, if not optimally treated if you have hypothyroidism.

You should make an appointment with the doctor for a new blood test and tell him you want to have a Full Thyroid Function Test as recommended by the NHS Choices Thyroiduk.org.uk for information and help on dysfunctions of the thyroid gland.

You need TSH, T4, T3, Free T4, Free T3, B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate if you've not had them recently.


Blood tests should be at the very earliest possible, fasting (you can drink water) and allow 24 hour gap between last dose of hormones and the test and take afterwards.

He or lab may not do them all as they've been told TSH and T4 is all that is required.

If you can afford it we have recommended labs.


Hi, I've only had my tsh tested ,not sure about t4?..but when I mentioned the others ,like u said, they said they only test tsh.but I will ask them again..I've had the b12,ferritin and folate tested, can't find results but I know my b12 was 275 I think, and ferritin was at a low end number ,so was folate and somebody here told me all too low.. But docs didn't say nothing about my results.. What can I do to up those levels and can I get it for free from doc as I don't work? And I get free meds as I'm hypothyroid?..

Request them anyway and see what happens. If it is a while since you've had B12 etc ask for these to be done again.

Always get a print-out of your results with the ranges for your own records. He should prescribe folate etc if you are deficient. They prescribe Vit D if deficient so I assume they will prescribe B12 sublingual tablets if he wont give you injections to bring b12 level up. Both B12 and Vit D are prohormones and tell him you know deficiencies of these can cause other illnesses.

Get into the habit of asking for print-outs of your results.

TSH alone cannot ever diagnose Central / secondary or tertiary hypothyroid since they are result of pituarity or hypothalmus failiure so the labs are titally and utterly wrong

Sorry I don't understand what any of what u said means lol?

TSH can only show Primary hypothyroid because Thyroid Stimulating Hormone is pushed out from the pituarity to flog the thyroid

if the thyroid is failing no amount of TSH will resolvematters

if the pitarity or the hypothalmus are faulty then they cannot push out TSH and the thyroid cannot function

therefore the only way to correctly test for any form of hypothyroid is




No idea ?

Hrt will mess with your thyroid function as estrogen blocks thyroid function and brings down production of t4 and t4/t3 conversion. Natural or any form of unbalanced estrogen will do this. The docs think because you have had a hysterectomy you dont need progesterone but that is rubbish. Progesterone aids thyroid function but only if its natural. Progestin or chemical progesterone also blocks thyroid function. Its why women using hormonal contraception usually feel ill, have headaches and put on weight. Do you still have your ovaries? They will function for a few years but usually shut down. At your age you shouldnt be without progesterone. When your ovaries shut down your adrenals should take over but any stress causes the production of cortisol and cortisol is made by stealing your own progesterone. Progesterone is the calming hormone which is needed for every cell in your body so without it there is lots of trouble. Thats why if cortisol production goes up, thyroid function goes down. You need to get proper thyroid function tests. Indigestion problems and hiatus hernia are caused by low stomach acid. Hiatus hernia is caused because low stomach acis prevents the contents of your stomach from passing to the next stage. The food breaks down too slowly and starts to go off. This is where bloating and discomfort comes from and to release the pressure the flap at the top of the stomach in the gullet has to release. This is what ur doc calls the hiatus hernia and acid and stomach contents are forced out upwards and cause all that discomfort. So you need to look at your levels and adjust your meds as you must be under medicated to have all these problems. Its a viscious circle one causes the other, everything needs to be brought back into balance xx

Mag, Are you saying that estrogen is not needed after hysterectomy only progesterone? I have been on it and would rather not if it is causing trouble for thyroid.

It depends on your natural hormone levels and if they left your ovaries. My sister had hysterectomy at 27 and only had one ovary and never had hrt? They are likely to tell you that you dont need progesterone because u have no womb to protect but what about every other cell in ur body? You need to think about giving up the estrogen and get ur hormone levels tested. Prometrium is the only natural hormone that a doc can prescribe sometimes called utrogestan. Its given to women who threaten to misscarry as they cant give them progestins. I asked my doc for it but was refused. Im just going through menopause now at 59. They say at my age i dont need progesterone one of the reasons my thyroid is duff! I bought my own xx

I was of the understanding that estrogen only is needed if u have had a total hysterectomy (no ovaries etc) otherwise estrogen and progesterone is needed???

Thanks for the great reply. No I don't have my ovaries, I had it all removed and was told I only needed estrogen .. I've been to see a male doc today, a young one and I came away crying my eyes out.he just wouldn't listen to me and basically printed off sheets all about panic attacks and panic disorder! I'm so upset and depressed and angry! I told him that the reason I'm havomv panics is cos when I get chest pain or discomfort it scares me and has triggered them off.he wouldn't listen when I said about thyroid tests and said my vb12 level at 275 is withimg range and so were all my others.. So that's that! I said I am at end of tether with chest and stomach problems etc and I know my own body and know what is happening to me is NOT all in !my head. He also implied that my hernia wouldn't b the cause of any arm pain etc ,in other words me worrying is making it happen!! Arggg!! If indigestion and hernia r caused by low stomach acid why has he prescribed me with rantitidine h2 blockers which r for reducing stomach acid? I don't get it??.! I'm so peed off and angry..

oh dear, they are so stupid and think they know best. I have also come away from docs many a time in tears. Interesting about the panic attacks i got the same was in and out of a&e like a yoyo. That is also caused by lack of progesterone and the heart rate going bananas is the adrennalin kicking in when ur thyroid is too low to cope. I got the arm and chest pain too they said it was caused by GERD well that is a red flag for hypothyroid! I understand how u feel as when it happens to me i get scary pains in my throat that shoot up to my ears. The pain goes across my shoulders, down my arms and into my chest. Ive had my heart checked quite a few times and its all caused by acid in your gullet. You dont have to take the antacids or anything else they tried to give u. Ive often point blanc refused. You do get a funny look coz they are not used to folk not agreeing with them. But you have to take charge of your own health. You need to up your b12 etc as a starting point. There are lots of posts with good info. Start at the beginning and do your research. What are your thyroid levels? X

the thyroid is the condutor of the entire endocrine/ hormone orchestra hence its the thyroid which should be treated

once you put someone on HRT or do a full hysterectomy and also if they try to fill patients with anti depressants the whole hormone balances are thrown out of whack

natural progesterone seems to be only hormone that does not mess up the thyroid

Wow ReallyFedUp great insights 👍 I've got some questions regarding these sort of things. So rather than highjack this thread I'll put up one later and copy you in if that's ok


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