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Results are in!

Following treatment after my diagnosis of Follicular Thyroid Cancer in January, I recently got my I123 scan results which showed no uptake of iodine anywhere.

Only this week, my blood test results were undetectable for thyroglobulin. This was better news than I could have hoped for.

However, because of my great results, I have now been put on Levothyroxin with immediate effect. Oh dear. For four days I will take 50mcg t3 + 150 mg t4, then t4 only. Feeling a bit nervous about this transition. Really hoping it agrees with me, as I still don't feel like myself even on Liothyronine.

Think I will try taking the Levo at night and see how I go.

Thanks to all who post on here. I've learnt so much.....& still have so much to learn! Thank you x

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Thanks for posting - good luck with the new regime.. x


Thanks Louise :-)


so happy for you and this is a great space to pick up extra support, x


Thank you tilly, this site has been a godsend. :-)


Hi, wonderful news with your results. I had a lot of take up first time round but was given the all clear last Tuesday, wonderful feeling, isn't it! I was taken off liothyronine several months ago and have taken only thyroxine since then, and I actually felt better - much to my amazement because, like you, I was worried by all I had read about thyroxine. Good luck, enjoy your new cancer free life x


Congratulations to you too!

Thanks for your response, it's encouraging to know you feel better on T4. I'll remain hopeful :-)

Do you take yours a.m. or p.m.?


I always wake in the night so I have it ready to take then, so that it is as far away as possible from any food. Works for me! Wishing you all the best.


Hi Nickym1

That's great news you've posted. I had my right lobe removed to remove follicular variant papillary cancer but I haven't had any further treatment, just monitoring and I'm now on Levothyroxine. I don't really feel any better on it but we both need to take this synthetic hormone to suppress the return of the cancer. Hopefully, I will be trialling T3 soon and, perhaps then we can compare notes.

Good luck and take care.


Great news, hope the new regime works for you.

Don't forget that you may be low in underlying vits and minerals too- best get these checked if you can (the usual irons, ferritin, folate, B12 and Vit D for starters) J x


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