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NHS Blood Test comes back ok for TSH, what is my next step???

I have suffered from depression since I was 19 now 42. The episodes are getting longer and worse and anti-depressants (SSRI's) and talking therapy doesn't seem to help either. Therefore want to see if there is a problem with my Thyroid or Adrenal glands. My TSH results are 1.32 mIU/L (0.35 - 4.94) which has come back as normal. My GP won't give me a fuller test looking at Free T4, Free T3 & Reverse T3.

In fact when I mentioned to her that I was taking NDT (Procept Metavive I - porcine thyroid) - 65mg a day, she wasn't at all happy. From that point onwards she didn't want to carry on with the consultation as "I have already decided there is something wrong with my thyroid."

I did manage to get the name of a Endo who I will have to pay to get a full thyroid test.

Not sure what to do next really. I don't actually know if the Procept actually contains any T4/T3, I have been taking it for 2 weeks now, no real change. I am also taking a regular multi-vit supp once a day and have just started taking 2000mg of Vit C with bioflavanoids. This was recommended to support the adrenal glands on Dr. Wilson's website.

I live in Buckinghamshire, does anybody know of a reputable Dr or GP or health practitioner that would be able to do the full thyroid test?

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If you are already taking some NDT your TSH isn't particularly suppressed, and I'm surprised by your doctor's attitude as they do like to see your tests within the reference range which yours is. Taking NDT hasn't lowered your test numbers out of sight after all. There's no pleasing some people!

If you are going to pay privately to see an endo I recommend that you do NOT go to one who works within the NHS as well as doing private work as you will get the same treatment from him irrespective of whether you pay for it or not.

Lou has a list of private doctors recommended by Thyroid UK. You'd do better to go to one of those:

Jane x


Hi Jane, the blood test was taken before I started the NDT.

Thank you for giving me the link for the list of private doctors I will take a look at this and go from there.




One of my many GPs [a friendly one , now moved on :( ] did say to me that very thing.

I found out by asking in advance thereto - before the expeses started building!

Same-same, both sides must be kept paying...


If you can afford it, it might be worth getting your T4 and free T3 tested by Genova UK, along with ordering the 24 saliva cortisol test. The cortisol test will help you work out if there is a problem with your adrenals. There's a good adrenal questionnaire here


Link to Genova and special rates through Thyroid UK here: Jane x


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