Desperate to find a good Endocrinologist Consulant who will listen & help! (*'Brighton area if possible)


I have seen a few headers when Goggling Health Unlocked that mention the site had a *list*of good Endocrinologists? Is there such a thing? If so I cannot find it on the website.

After recent Adrenal tests *finally *flagged up Cortisol issues that show I really should be under an Endo before going ahead with injections prescribed by my new Gyne I want to find a Consultant who is actually going to listen, investigate properly & be nice - not treat me in an uncaring, arrogant manner & leave me still unwell.

To cut along story this year alone I do not have insurance and have I have already , this year alone, spent nearly a lot of money on a Private Vascular Consultant (London), private G.P (Harrow) who is the ‘Menopause lead’ at the local hospital who thinks *everything* is due to Menopause & wants to push her Menopause new drugs, & another dubious *so called* private G.P. (London) who made me pay for a lot of tests I’d already recently had via the NHS plus expensive Adrenals but then just said he wanted me to take supplements but only *after* I’d had Vascular tests via his *colleague* who I saw privately paid the private G.P £25 for a ref letter and was supposed to see him on the NHS but did not get my appointment (over 3 months later) I've had to complain via PALS.

((Additionally the same private G.P. has charged my 20yr old daughter over £300 on bloods & supplements -which actually made her very sick but he then wanted her to *carry on with them* & then sell her more…))

I have been under the care of an Endo/ Gyne at London hospital for over 3 years who although a very pleasant woman has consistently misdiagnosed issues & put me on meds that contravene my outstanding medical problems plus the fact that is the hospital that messed up my Laparoscopy leaving me needing my umbilicus repositioned & having to take daily laxatives for 2 yrs as my bowel suffered damage from the procedure.

Also her *take*on my ongoing symptoms is to *leave it* for 3 months,*leave it for 6mths* ect & she failed to diagnose that I have Endometriosis…

My issues are following a Laparoscopy that went *very* wrong & left me in extreme daily pain and has transcended into a Vascular issue that was flagged up by my Osteopath/Acupuncturist & the Practice Nurse at my new G.P surgery.

I’ve been left to organise my own pain relief via Acupuncture & Osteopathy but although relaxing therapies - has very short term results.

I have now found very good Gyne Consultant in Brighton but I was not in receipt of my test results when initially saw him.

I want to continue under his care so I’m looking for a Brighton based Endo so my notes can be easily cross-referenced.

Can you please suggest any good Brighton / Sussex based Endo’s as I’ve become so ill very quickly in the last few months & the issues are escalating weekly.

I’m 80% bed bound & my circulation is worsening ditto blurred vision, painful breasts, fluid build up in abdo & legs, sweating & shakes. I’ve also notice that I’m losing hair around my hailine.

Additionally the fact that I had several episodes of ‘Black Tongue’ in 2011(prior to the mal-surgery) leading to 3 hospital admissions with suspected Pancreatic flare ups now finally makes sense thanks to the Practice Nurse (not the G.P’s!)

Sorry if this all seems a bit garbled but I find it difficult to type now due to the vascular issues & muscle weakness in my hands.

Therefore I’m grateful for any recommendations as I’ve been choosing VERY badly when it comes to paying for medical help (private G.P‘s & Consultants) have basically been ripped off this year & I’ve not got insurance.

I know that Dr’s cant be named in postings so please PM me if you have advice

*Please note: If you do reply to me, I’m not online everyday as I’m not always well enough so I won't be able to respond straight away - but Thank You anyway! J

Thank you in advance.

Kind regards,


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  • I will pm you

  • Can you PM me too as I am in same area Worthing and need GOOD endo. Brighton is not far from me. Thanks in advance. Rose

  • Hello just joined and hoping to get referred to an endocrinologist in Brighton or Sussex. Could you please let me have the list of good ones nhs? Thank you

  • Not sure what you meant by "the website". This here is the HealthUnlocked-hosted forum. The main Thyroid UK website does indeed say something about a doctors list:

    Hop over there and send a contact message. (Could always join up while you are there. :-) )


  • Hello Rod,

    Thank you for your response.

    Ah Ok I see. I don’t use forums much so it was a bit confusing. I just looked at the link you sent - yes, I do already have that list from when I joined TUK a couple of years ago & the updated list from last year.

    Unfortunately the one of the ‘Doctors’ I mentioned is from that list & we found him (& his *close colleague*) to be more *money focused* than patient help focused. Although I'd already paid him several times for appt fees & private tests - he charged me £25 for a letter of referral to AFTER I’d already paid the same Consultant £230) . Further to this he was in receipt of very important test results I had done in May (2013) yet did not flag this up to either myself of my NHS G.P.

    Additionally I do not agree with the fact that he was prepared to take so much money from my 20yr old daughter for tests & *supplements that actually made her very sick but then not do anything about it.

    Thanks again for the feedback though.

    Best wishes, L

  • There is a list of NHS Endos that you can get by emailing me -

    This is probably the reason for the google search results...! :)



  • Ahh thank you so much. I've just sent you an email. Best wishes L :) x

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