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Desperate to find a good Endocrinologist Consulant who will listen & help! (*'Brighton area if possible)


I have seen a few headers when Goggling Health Unlocked that mention the site had a *list*of good Endocrinologists? Is there such a thing? If so I cannot find it on the website.

After recent Adrenal tests *finally *flagged up Cortisol issues that show I really should be under an Endo before going ahead with injections prescribed by my new Gyne I want to find a Consultant who is actually going to listen, investigate properly & be nice - not treat me in an uncaring, arrogant manner & leave me still unwell.

To cut along story this year alone I do not have insurance and have I have already , this year alone, spent nearly a lot of money on a Private Vascular Consultant (London), private G.P (Harrow) who is the ‘Menopause lead’ at the local hospital who thinks *everything* is due to Menopause & wants to push her Menopause new drugs, & another dubious *so called* private G.P. (London) who made me pay for a lot of tests I’d already recently had via the NHS plus expensive Adrenals but then just said he wanted me to take supplements but only *after* I’d had Vascular tests via his *colleague* who I saw privately paid the private G.P £25 for a ref letter and was supposed to see him on the NHS but did not get my appointment (over 3 months later) I've had to complain via PALS.

((Additionally the same private G.P. has charged my 20yr old daughter over £300 on bloods & supplements -which actually made her very sick but he then wanted her to *carry on with them* & then sell her more…))

I have been under the care of an Endo/ Gyne at London hospital for over 3 years who although a very pleasant woman has consistently misdiagnosed issues & put me on meds that contravene my outstanding medical problems plus the fact that is the hospital that messed up my Laparoscopy leaving me needing my umbilicus repositioned & having to take daily laxatives for 2 yrs as my bowel suffered damage from the procedure.

Also her *take*on my ongoing symptoms is to *leave it* for 3 months,*leave it for 6mths* ect & she failed to diagnose that I have Endometriosis…

My issues are following a Laparoscopy that went *very* wrong & left me in extreme daily pain and has transcended into a Vascular issue that was flagged up by my Osteopath/Acupuncturist & the Practice Nurse at my new G.P surgery.

I’ve been left to organise my own pain relief via Acupuncture & Osteopathy but although relaxing therapies - has very short term results.

I have now found very good Gyne Consultant in Brighton but I was not in receipt of my test results when initially saw him.

I want to continue under his care so I’m looking for a Brighton based Endo so my notes can be easily cross-referenced.

Can you please suggest any good Brighton / Sussex based Endo’s as I’ve become so ill very quickly in the last few months & the issues are escalating weekly.

I’m 80% bed bound & my circulation is worsening ditto blurred vision, painful breasts, fluid build up in abdo & legs, sweating & shakes. I’ve also notice that I’m losing hair around my hailine.

Additionally the fact that I had several episodes of ‘Black Tongue’ in 2011(prior to the mal-surgery) leading to 3 hospital admissions with suspected Pancreatic flare ups now finally makes sense thanks to the Practice Nurse (not the G.P’s!)

Sorry if this all seems a bit garbled but I find it difficult to type now due to the vascular issues & muscle weakness in my hands.

Therefore I’m grateful for any recommendations as I’ve been choosing VERY badly when it comes to paying for medical help (private G.P‘s & Consultants) have basically been ripped off this year & I’ve not got insurance.

I know that Dr’s cant be named in postings so please PM me if you have advice

*Please note: If you do reply to me, I’m not online everyday as I’m not always well enough so I won't be able to respond straight away - but Thank You anyway! J

Thank you in advance.

Kind regards,


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I will pm you


Can you PM me too as I am in same area Worthing and need GOOD endo. Brighton is not far from me. Thanks in advance. Rose


Hello just joined and hoping to get referred to an endocrinologist in Brighton or Sussex. Could you please let me have the list of good ones nhs? Thank you


Not sure what you meant by "the website". This here is the HealthUnlocked-hosted forum. The main Thyroid UK website does indeed say something about a doctors list:

Hop over there and send a contact message. (Could always join up while you are there. :-) )



Hello Rod,

Thank you for your response.

Ah Ok I see. I don’t use forums much so it was a bit confusing. I just looked at the link you sent - yes, I do already have that list from when I joined TUK a couple of years ago & the updated list from last year.

Unfortunately the one of the ‘Doctors’ I mentioned is from that list & we found him (& his *close colleague*) to be more *money focused* than patient help focused. Although I'd already paid him several times for appt fees & private tests - he charged me £25 for a letter of referral to AFTER I’d already paid the same Consultant £230) . Further to this he was in receipt of very important test results I had done in May (2013) yet did not flag this up to either myself of my NHS G.P.

Additionally I do not agree with the fact that he was prepared to take so much money from my 20yr old daughter for tests & *supplements that actually made her very sick but then not do anything about it.

Thanks again for the feedback though.

Best wishes, L


There is a list of NHS Endos that you can get by emailing me -

This is probably the reason for the google search results...! :)




Ahh thank you so much. I've just sent you an email. Best wishes L :) x


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