When will a GP refer you to a Endocrinologist ?

Have been treated by GP for Hypothyroidism for a year and they are still struggling to find the right dose of Levothyroxine for me. I am currently taking 125/150 on alternate days . I suspect I am over medicated as I am having palpitations , Jumpy legs and unable to sleep. I have felt constantly tired for he last year and a half. I have a change in bowel pattern( constipation and Diarrhoea) irregular periods ,hot flushes and I am still not sure if this is Thyroid related or Menopause. Can any one relate to this ...I can't go on feeling this way I really would like to see an Endocrinologist but I have been told the Doctor this is not necessary. How do I find a Private Endocrinologist ?

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  • Louise at Thyroid UK holds a list of 'better' doctors, or you could ask for personal recommendations by PM. Whereabouts in the country are you?

  • Thanks for that... UK

  • I meant where in the UK, in case someone knows of a likely candidate near you. Just a rough idea will do.

  • Hi, you need to be firm here, I pestered my GP to the point were she had no choice but to refer me. In fact I told her also to refer me. GPS are not experts in this field and i find it bemusing why they don't refer in the first place!


  • Endos don't seem to be experts either, in my experience. I was referred to one who, it turns out, specialises in diabetes related erectile dysfunction!! Says it all really!

    So choose carefully.

  • There are so many good jokes that come to mind, none of them printable in here :D

  • I know! It really cheered me up, it made me laugh so much!

  • The one I saw specialised in Chronic verbal diarrhoea. He was really good at it!! ;-)

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