Can anyone please recommend a good endocrinologist or specialist on the NHS to help treat hashimotos and auto- immune problems?

I am desperate for some help!! I have seen lots of specialists but have yet to find someone who listens to me and will treat my symptoms not just blood results. Does anyone know of any specialists/ doctors (NHS preferably as I can't really afford private) that have helped treat hashimotos, auto- immune problems, CFS, fybromyalgia etc or have any useful information on anything to do or try next? I have been ill for 15 years and am on 100mg of levothyroxine daily only. My health just seems to be getting worse over time with more issues cropping up. The doctors seem to think I may have another auto-immune disease but are not sure as yet which one!

I would be so grateful of any replies, any help really means the world! X

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  • if you p.m. louise at admin I am sure she will pass on recommended endo's [ from personal experience of others ] ....alan xx

  • Ok, thank you X

  • You will be lucky to find anyone in the NHS with an understanding with regards treating autoimmune disease on the whole. The nhs prefers to isolate it depending on what autoimmune condition you have rather than umbrella treatment that would likely be beneficial to many. So rather than see an immunologist who specialises in autoimmune conditions (amongst others) you would get sent to endos rhumies, etc for each one to be treated seperately, and not very well :/

    most immunologists treat children only on the nhs

  • Thank you, I have wondered for a while if an immunologist would be the best path to go down but don't know of anyone who is actually being helped much by one. If I do go private I need to make sure I see the right person and am not really sure what tests/ treatments immunologists can give? Agree though, getting to the root of the problem must be the answer!

  • Dr black......William Harvey hospital

  • NHS? That must be a joke, surely?

  • The email for Louise, is:

  • Thank you!

  • There is an American website - The Institute of Functional Medicine. It's a fast growing thing in the US where Docs are looking at the whole person rather than bits and pieces. I think there is a list of practitioners for the UK on the website. Probably Chiropracters who have done an IFM course. Professor Yeheudi Schoenfeld is an Auto-Immune expert at the Mount Sinai Hospital in Tel Aviv - not exactly down the road - but you may glean something from his talks/websites....

    I have more than one auto-immune illness - and am feeling fine at the moment....lots of good info gleaned from people on this site....

    Good luck with your search.

  • Thank you, this looks helpful. I'm interested to learn more and look into specialists in the UK..

  • I live in Greece - so have not researched the UK.

  • Have you read up on autoimmune and gluten and dairy free diets? I have posted on here this morning replying to chihiro and countrygirl, you might find it helpful to read.

  • Thank you, yes, I do follow a dairy and gluten free diet. It has helped and so I have just ordered an intolerance testing kit also as I suspect like many of us there is other things I am sensitive to.

  • So sorry - I'm new to this forum so just to say that if you haven't already read this book do so now - Tears Behind Closed Doors by Diana Holmes. Read the reviews on Amazon too. Get better soon.

  • Thank u- I haven't read it and look forward to doing so!

  • Have you read Izabella Wentz "the root cause" or Terry Wahls " the Wahls protocol" they made sense to me. I have some private blood tests booked for tomorrow to establish my Iodine, Selenium, Magnesium, Zinc and Calcium levels. Recent blood thru GP showed B12 ok but folate level is lowish. Have also got finger prick test for Vit D. Depending what they show I will do a full paleo diet for 4 weeks to see if there is anything else I am intolerant too other than wheat, chicken and eggs. Do you know that any coeliac test will not work if you are already on gluten free diet? My antibody levela came down after 4 weeks on gluten free rather than wheat free diet!

    Hope things soon improve for you.

  • Thanks for the book recommendations, I haven't done much reading on the subject and have been meaning to so will look into these... Yes the gluten free does help with antibodies. I had previous tests for celiac disease which where negative! But I have decided to give the gluten up for good anyway so im not to bothered as to whether or not it shows up on the intolerance tests. I tried the Paleo diet and felt good but it's hard to stick to long term and also as most of us are lacking in vits and minerals I was worried I wasn't getting enough nutrition ( I'm vegetarian too) Getting vit and mineral levels checked sounds like a good idea. Good luck and get well wishes to you X

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