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Could I be getting better??? Think so!

Hi Everyone,

The last time I came on here (always for a moan!) was 3 months ago. I was feeling horrendous after suddenly developing graves in Feb 2012. I was feeling almost suicidal, totally desperate and so ill, and had an appointment for RAI... Well, I didn't go, and madly I stopped taking all medication all at once; Propyl thyouracil, beta blockers, loperamide hydrochloride and anti-depressants, as I felt I was slipping away from myself, and actually, I really didn't care for the consequences as I had begun to think I was already dying after being so ill for 18 months. I had my bloods done the following day, and the T4 was in the 30's. And, as a request from my lovely old hippy Mum, I went to see a homeopath. I have had about 5 consultations and remedies and would you believe it, for the first time since this all began... MY THYROID FUNCTION TESTS ARE NORMAL!! After 4 weeks, t4 was 17.3 (It has been as high as 82) and even the TSH is coming up, though very slowly (it was not traceable in previous blood results) Last week, t4 was 17.1! I don't want to give anyone false hope, but this surely can not be a coincidence?? I feel absolutley fantastic in comparison to the overwhelmed mess I had become. Really do feel so much better, I am sleeping better, able to eat, putting on a little bit of weight, not shaking and have biting everyones head off all of the time! Which has made for a happier household. I really didn't want to go on. Anyway, I am feeling pretty positive (And pretty skint!) And I am well aware that this mightn't be forever, may be just timing is a coincidence? And I am sure that when I go to see my consultant on Wednesday (the appointment is for my 3 month post-RAI check up!?) he will say that it is impossible, having shouted at me that I probably had 10-15 years left without RAI or a total thyroidectomy (I'm 31). I know that I might have to go down that route eventually, but for now, I am feeling more hopeful and positive than I have felt since this all started, with the first symptoms almost 2 years ago. Unfortunately, my GP thinks that I have some degree of chemical poisoning due to the propyl thyouracil. My white blood count is very low, and I have been having fortnightly blood tests to keep an eye on this for almost 3 months. But it is still the same. I'm not sure what to do about this?? But am still seeing my homeopath and hopefully this will get better?? One day? But it's all about small steps.

Hope others are feeling well today :-)

All the best, Niamh x

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Thank you for your positive tale Niamh, is there anything in particular the homeopath has done to make you feel well? Or is it a combination of things? I am always horrified at the amount of drugs that are thrown at people, with no thought as to what might be causing the problem in the first place. And your consultant sounds horrible, I'm not sure I'd even bother going back to see him, you just know he'll say it's a fluke or something. Still, would be satisfying to see his face when you turn up...

Regarding low white blood count, there was a whole thread on this a while ago. If you search you might find it. I think the things that were identified as possibilities were B12 deficiency, Lymes Disease and I think some kind of separate autoimmune disease - can't quite remember.

Hampster x

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naimh....So great to read this. Wishing you continued good results..hip hip Hippy !Hooray.

Do continue to keep good records of blood test results , treatment and record of your progress.



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