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Not getting better

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Hi all

Had TT aug

Had rai Oct

Been ill since nov

GP let my TSH go up too 4.35

My meds increase was only done on Xmas eve to 200

I know I am hypo

Pains in right flank-groin and abdomen




My question is will the pains in my right flank ect go away when my TSH levels drop?

Also the pain gets better as the day goes on

Some one said TSH drops as the day goes on?

Thanks u

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TSH is highest in the small hours and falls throughout the diurnal cycle; so for practical purposes we have our bloods drawn as early as the phelbotomist's working day allows us! My hospital always sees those who must have an early fasting test, first (which we aren't classed medically, as needing), and everyone else, thereafter; so I turn up before the 9.00 am cut off and if they've run out of the early people I get in early, and if not, I'm first in the queue for the others. 🙂

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I gave you the link to graphs of daily rhythm of thyroid hormone in reply to a previous post. Here it is again

You will see that TSH is highest at midnight and falls to it's lowest point about 1pm then gradually starts to rise again.

My question is will the pains in my right flank ect go away when my TSH levels drop?

Nobody here can answer that. We can't diagnose what is causing this pain. You have mentioned this pain in quite a few of your posts. What has your GP said?

What brand(s) of Levo are you on? I know you've had different brands. Have you ever been without this pain on a certain brand? Did it come on or come back with a different brand?

The constipation and tiredness are likely due to your hypothyroidism. You are due to retest in a few weeks' time. Are you going to get the full thyroid/vitamin package previously mentioned to include




Thyroid antibodies

Vit D




Hi susie.


Brands was teva 50 and then 100 teva

They then put me up to 150 so I had teva 50 and 100 northstar

Then in nov I started to become ill. Seen the doc Xmas eve and she told me to take 175 so I decided to source the teva brand because I was ok on that in the beginning

So Xmas eve I took 175 teva. And Xmas day I lost my mind and spent the day walking the streets crying

I got my scripts out and found I had different brands issued in Nov

So I decided to use northstar only since Boxing Day and I have felt better but the pain is still with me.

Had a colonoscopy on New Year’s Eve came back clear

Do need bloods but can’t have them until Feb

I can’t work or do my job

I don’t know what to do anymore

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SeasideSusieAdministrator in reply to paul1978

Have you discussed your pain with your GP, what has he said?

They don’t know why I have this pain and I have had the following tests







I am at a loss

I just hope when my TSH drops the pain will go away

I am worried I will lose my job

Fearing that you will lose your job is very stressful and is clearly adding to your distress.

Have you been able to discuss a plan with your employer to give you more time to recover? You could explain that it's taking more time than expected to sort out your medication.

For example, could you ask for a few more months off work while establishing stability? Could you make a plan to return to work 1 day a week and then build up hours? Could you plan to return and work shorter days or work only a few days a week? You need a good plan and the support of your partner. Having a workable plan might make you feel more able to return to work and worry less about losing your job.

Don't worry about being slightly hypo for a short time, you say your TSH was 4.35 although you don't give a lab range. You say your levo has now been increased and unfortunately, everything to do with thyroid is slow. It's common for it to take time to find the right dose. Your doctor can't speed it up, just keep getting blood tests every 6 weeks until you find the right dose then stick with it.

To combat constipation in the short term, you could try eating 6 prunes a day along with yoghurt. An added bonus is that prunes contain boron and yoghurt has calcium which are good for bones. Tiredness could be a result of recovering from surgery and anaesthetic. You might need to review your sleep pattern to make sure you get enough sleep while recovering. Aches and pains could be anything so ask your doctor what it could be.

Take Seaside Susie's advice and get those other blood tests done!

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