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Blood Tests for Genova Diagnostics

Hi, I am going to get some extensive blood testing done via Genova. I approached my GP and asked if they would extract the blood however, this is proving difficult to get a response for as this is beyond their norm!

Does anyone know of anywhere in South Bucks that they would do this kind of thing? I will pay a nominal fee if necessary.


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P.S The person sending me for this testing is not a medical person per se and is not able to extract the bloods.


There should be clinics in your area that will do it - ask Genova, as they told me where to get it done in London. The London fee for drawing blood is £25, i am sure it will be less in Bucks


Hi bluedaffodil

They only told me London too - its a bit of a trek though.


Phone up the phlebotomy department of your local NHS hospital (don't just speak to the switchboard). Tell them you want blood taken for private blood tests, you will have all the necessary tubes and instructions, and you will be taking the tubes away with you. Will they take the blood for you and if yes, is there a fee?

Expect to pay a fee. I paid just over £7, someone else was charged £10, some have had it done for nothing.

Good luck!

Edit : I paid in cash, didn't even give my name, got a receipt, and left.


Oh, one other thing...

Genova always supply the needle for blood testing. One time I did one of their tests the needle they sent would have been suitable for an elephant. It was absolutely huge! (And very, very painful!) You might want to let the phlebotomist choose a needle if the one you get sent is very big.


Right, ok human bean - see how we get on then. Thanks


No joy - they have said a big fat NO. I wonder if there is anything slightly further afield but not in London?


Try a different hospital perhaps?

Another (more expensive) option is to find a private hospital - Nuffield, Spire or BUPA, or another organisation. I once asked a Spire hospital how much they would charge and, at the time, they said £24, but it was a while ago.

Another link that may help :


But I would still persist with your GP, or try a different NHS hospital, before throwing in the towel and paying a lot.


hey humanbean

I saw a previous post of yours and it got me investigating. I appear to have found a BMI hospital that has a walk in clinic and they will do it for me so I will go over at some stage and get this done. Fingers crossed aye :-)


Good luck! Hope it all works out. :)


Thanks humanbean

I managed to get it done via the BMI and FOC too! My GP also came back to me and said they could do it for a fee of £30.

As increasingly, people are having to take their health care in to their own hands you might think such services would be more widely and readily available wouldn't you! Anyway, all done and sent off - fingers crossed that finally something comes of all this testing. I don't want to be sick mind but I want to know what is wrong with me so that I can work on getting healed.


I had my blood taken at a private hospital. Ask around for prices first though as one wanted to charge £40 and the one I went to charged £20.


Hi J_bee

Was this hospital part of any group?


This hospital is part of Ramsay Health. Hope this helps, but think it is a case of phoning round to see what they charge. This is what I did.


I managed in the end to get it done via a BMI hospital. They would have charged £20 but because I had to get other tests done also, they said they would do it FOC which is a bonus cos the whole lot of testing is going to be very costly!!!

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