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Blood test results

Hi all i know its early days only 3 weeks after tt and taking 100 micrograms of levo still feeling quite tired and lethargic dont understand my blood tests results can anyone help

Tsh 44.742 (0.350-5.500)

T4 free 1.23 (0.8-1.9)

Tiroglobulina 3000 (-60)

Calcium10.3 (8.2-10.6). Taking 2000mg calcium tablets

Vit d 45. (20-65)

Next endo appointment november how much longer for the levo to have an effect

Linda x

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Hi Linda,

Usually to get the right treatment takes a long time up to a year. During this time you need frequent bloods and rises in meds.. Judging by those results you have a long way to go, thyroid wise. Your TSH is much too high and T4 too low. You also need a free T3 test and probably treatment with T3 and the T4 ( levo) this would lower your TSH and help a lot.We aim to feel well on treatment and for the TSH if possible to be in range. The T4 top third of range and FT3 near the top of range. I would phone the Endo`s secretary and say that you feel terrible and an you have an earlier appointment or cancellation, Are you taking any vit D? If you did that would put up your calcium , or better for you a combined script of calcium and vit D. Calcium is an electrolyte and must never go over range. Vit D is hormonal ,so makes a huge difference to thyroid disease. The Tiroglobulina is indicative of hashimoto or Graves, both autoimmune thyroid diseases. This means it is important to have the common autoimmune diseases, that go with thyroid tested. The Endo should have done these, vit D as above, diabetes, caeliac disease ( possibly), B12 + Folic acid ( B12 needs to be high in range), also Ferritin/ iron. I expect this is on the new site for TUK.

Best wishes,



Thanks jackie, i know its early days but i am desperate to feel well, and expected a quick fix after the op, will give it another couple of weeks and see how i go, i expect its going to be a long haul.



Hi I am sorry but it is, the OP really means you have to start again to get the treatment right. Also it takes a while any way to recover. You will be good in the end, this is just a bad time for you

Best wishes,



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