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I have a painful throat. Previous ultra sound showed cysts either side of my thyroid but not on my thyroid anyone know what that means?

Just signed up! I have an apparently normal 2.7 TSH but following an ultra sound on my thyroid I have been told by my Dr that I have cists on either side of my thyroid, but not on it. A couple of these are calcified. The Dr has prescribed 25gm of thyroxin - T4 levothyroxine sodium, daily (6 weeks ago). Over the last few weeks my throat has become sore and when I sing I am never sure what sort of sound is going to come out (I am a singer so not very convenient!!). I think this maybe something to do with my thyroid. Wondered if others have any comments on this. As an addition I had breast cancer surgery 18 months ago and am taking Adcal D3 and Letrozole. I also have a large gall stone (which I have been told could be a result of a poorly functioning thyroid).

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Hi Chrissy

Sorry you had no responses. It may be that this was missed.

If you need further assistance, can I suggest posting a new question.




Hi Louise, I was sent to a ENT specialist and had that horrible camera thing down my throat!! He has suggested that I may have acid reflux (I am not convinced by this as I think I would know?) and has given me some Nexium tablets (to add to my growing pile of drugs!) and has ordered a test for thyroid antibodies (not sure of the name of the test but to do with Hashimoto), I will also be having T4 & T3 levels tested and a couple of other vitamin level tests. So I will be back with more questions, I am sure, once I get the results.


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