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The ENT doctor said I have a thyroid cyst does this mean that I've imagined my symptoms of hypo?

The ENT doctor said I have a thyroid cyst does this mean that I've imagined my symptoms of underactive thyroid or is the cyst there because my thyroid is failing I dont' know what to think or do now!I had a FNA yesterday and the doctor said that the lump went down so this made her diagnose a thyroid cyst, it did go down slightly after the FNA but now the lump is still there the same size as it was before, I have to go for a scan and the results of the FNA when I get sent an appointment. What do I do now? Should I still be seeing an ENT doctor or ask to be referred elsewhere? My blood results indicated that my TSH has increased since 2010 from 1.7 to 2.0 and my FT4 has decreased from 18.7 to 13.6. Grateful for any advice I still feel wretched with aches & pains, tiredness, hearburn (the ENT doctor prescribed omeprazole for this) shooting pains and numb, swollen fingers in the morning amongst other things.

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I would ask to see an 2ndocrinologist they deal with thyroid problems and your hormones and are better to diagnose problems than an ENT doctor they just deal with ears, nose and throat.

Maybe you should ask your dr to do blood tests and test your B12 which might explain the tiredness, aches and pains even though these are indicative of hypothyroidism and also ask them to check your ?it D aswell it might be better to get everything checked then go from there.

When u get your results post them on here and there are many people who can help you understand them.

Good luck


Thanks I really appreciate your help.



I'm not sure what you mean about you linking a cyst and imagining symptoms. ??

Your symptoms are obviously real and linked to a condition, so I presume the GP has evidence it's your thyroid. ??

I've not much advice I'm afraid as I'm on here to help me understand it better too, but this may help.

I had a thyroid scan for the swelling, constant pressure, hoarse voice etc... (this continues but doesn't make my life worse) and they found nodules/growths in the thyroid gland but confirmed they were benign so to leave and ignore. Which is what I've done. In my experience my growths don't make any difference to the condition or symptoms. Their just growths that they may remove or not. (someone else with better knowledge may advise differently). However ... if I find out differently I'll deal with it. ;)

Omeprazole is for regulating stomach acid - like indigestion tabs - not sure that it has an effect on other symptoms, BUT don't take with the thyroxine - it inhibits. Allow 2 - 3 hours before. Your instruction for thyroxine tells you this. There's lots of questions for you to read on this site for advice. See my profile too I posted a question about it.

I presume that any appointments you need will be in the system now and you will be notified by the relevant professionals, such as Endo , unless they have asked you to book yourself.

Hope all goes well, and as mummytina states above keep us posted with the results. You'll get lots of advice from this site.


Thank you for the advice I appreciate it. I didn't explain myself very well sorry..what I mean is if I have a thyroid cyst I read somewhere that it is completely separate to any problems associated with underactive thyroid ..that the two don't go hand in hand and you can have a cyst and not experience any other symptoms of thyroid disease. My GP says that my blood results are normal and I have a cynical view of the NHS and how they tick boxes and can fob you off so I am concerned that I wont go any further in the system if the thyroid cyst is diagnosed after I have had the scan and the results of the FNA are deemed ok. So I suppose what I'm asking is should I just accept what the doctors say because I think that they will write off my symptoms as there is no medical evidence to support them now.


Ha ha yes that explains - sorry.

Yes and that's how I understand and have dealt with my nodules.

I understand you being cynical and the problems from the service. It is difficult if you don't 'seem' to have evidence - but the fact is you're not imagining you do have symptoms - it may not be Hypo - but it's up to the doctor's to find out. So don't give up ;)


No, you did not imagine the symptoms you described, do not even begin to think so, the blood results quoted show thyroid hormone FT4 was in decline. Also a cyst is a fluid filled entity and usually fills up again in a short time after FNA which will have reduced it temporarily as fluid was drawn off.

The condition has to be investigated further and looks like appropriate arrangements are being put in place for this which is really good. I am sure you will be referred to the appropriate specialist as PoppyRose says, to look after you, but as your are concerned about this perhaps a discussion with your GP would alleviate your concerns.

It is good advice to have B12, etc., checked. Here are the optimal levels to look for:

Vit D 125-175nmol/L

Ferritin 90ug/L

B12 500ng/L

Folate 10ug/L

There is good advice on the main site, thyroiduk.org about factors that influence the thyroid hormone levels adversely.

It really does sound as though you are in good hands. Do post results on this marvelous site for advice.


Thank you so much I am trying to get my head around such a lot of complicated info and this site is helping me a lot. I haven't felt well for many years and have been told its my age (!) that I have to put up with it etc but now I have this lump it feels like I might just get somewhere I just don't want to go down the wrong road again. Thanks again.


They have suggested the 'change' too. At my contraception review appointment this week (yes I am still young ;) ) the clinic said my symptoms were NOT 'change' related and to get it checked out again. Which is where I'm at at the moment. A battle of ignorance it is. See my profile/question.


Thanks for the above 'nostoneunturned' - I'll make a note for my case since the results my GP have provided were rubbish. ;)


I had a cyst on my thyroid about 25 years ago, it had been there for some years, it was when it suddenly enlarged and effected eating that it was then removed, however the surgeon said because of the problems it was then giving me, removal was the option, because unless it does cause physical problems they like to leave well alone because of the risks.

My surgeon was a top specialist at Barts, and wrote many books on the subject.



Just a thought - have you looked at 'Related Conditions' on the Home page? Left hand side links.



Did your ENT doc say how your cyst would affect your thyroid function? Are you hypo? Every doctor I've seen, GP/ENT/ENDO has said cysts shouldn't affect thyroid function. I think that is absolute bullshit. I have thyroid cysts & am hypo. One was big, approx 3cmx2cm, I had to fight to get it drained, my ENT doc referred me to ultrasound doc who drained it. I was told it may return so I am taking citrus pectin in the hope it will not. A friend of mine had her thyroid cyst drained & injected with ethanol in Italy, she was hypo but after the procedure her hypo went, she's back to normal.


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