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Diagnosis Confirmed by Dr S and now GP refusing NHS prescription but suggested a 2nd opinion via NHS Endo......Help NHS Endo needed


The good news is that given the fact that I have been ill for quite some time and after numerous visits to my GP spanning in excess of 10 years I finally came across this site.

Subsequently I have been to Dr S and received a diagnosis for my condition (Hypo) and falsely assumed that my GP would remain true to his word 'If Dr S confirms there is something wrong I am happy to prescribe on NHS' so imagine my surprise when he backtracks after receiving the letter from Dr S.

Suffice to say something changed between surgery opening and my appointment (early am) in that he has signed a NHS prescription which the receptionist gave me after my appointment but during my consultation was more interested in pointing out the GMC for Dr S to which I politely skipped over advising him that I was well aware of the details on Dr S as I had searched myself.

My GP has spoken to a consultant Dr P*** at Nottingham who has advised that at most I am Euthyroid (guidance/advice needed plse) and as a result is still claiming there is nothing wrong with my thyroid. Although throughout the appointment he was constantly looking at my neck as Dr S had pointed out that I had a goitre.

Can anyone please recommend a sympathetic Endo as I feel that it's bad enough I had to personally fund the private referral and would like my treatment on the NHS especially considering that I have worked my butt of to contribute to the NHS.

TSH 1.5 (.3 - 5.5)

FT4 9.8 (10 - 19.8)

FT3 4.6 (3.5 - 6.7)

On a positive he has agreed to all blood tests on the NHS and agrees we should check B12, Vit D along with others suggested on this site.

Any advice for sick notes as he claims he doesnt see why I should be off taking into account my excessive symptoms and the fact DR S points out that I am myodexma.

Sorry for the long question :-(


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No one could claim that the thyroid is easy to work around.

But why is it so hard to get consistency belween medics?

It can't surely be that there is so much buried that nobody wants to dig up cases?

Is it possible on your free tests to get a thyroid antibody check done - that may help tip the balance in gettting treatment.


maybe if you go to work and 'collapse' whilst on the job they then will allow you time off? geeee but please don't do this if you drive or operate 'dangerous machinery'


Oh crikey, I have just had my meeting with Dr S today and very similar outcome, I was feeling a bit more positive, but this is just rubbish. Makes me so angry how they play with our health :-( Sorry to hear this BROWN321



Like you I very much came out of the appointment with Dr S, simply grateful that a diagnosis confirmed.

It's very annoying what we have to go through as if Hypo isn't bad enough!!!!

Groan over......well for now lol



Email me for endos....




Thank you



Which medication has Dr. S prescribed for you Brown? And what dose are you on?


Your Ft4 is below range, so it looks to me like there is a problem with your TSH level :( I am guessing that Dr S has prescribed you thyroxine. Hopefully if and when you get to try this, you will see an improvement as your fT4 increases and converts to more fT3. If only doctors didn't rely too much on the TSH and looked at the actual thyroid hormone levels :( Hope you get it sorted. xxx


NICE say that a patient can have a trial of thyroid medication even if blood test results are within range, (which your FT4 isn't and FT3 fairly low) and are showing symptoms.


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