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feeling like crap

feeling like crap

thinking how can hospital dr s and gp s keep dismissing me.thats at least 3 things,-swelling of lower legs(both A&E dr and GP)didn't give me a reason .hospital dr told me she ddint know why I was least on anotehr visit to A&E the dr gave me an explanation at long last a nd when i went on Friday cos couldnt get a drs appointment-after bloods an xray and hours of waiting around ,she dismissed by saying she cant find anything mention of why my throat was tight and my thyroid.larynx and a lump all enlarged.neck worse today -tightness swelling and pain.nowmycomputers giving me grief and wont let me view my emails or access my surgery s website to see if my dr has an earlier appointment

sick of people I know telling me ive had scans etc and all normal when there is obviously something dog s tell me so with their behavior.fro about 9 months acting oddly,neslting right up close ,crying and whimpering,hate me going out.following me around everywhere even to bathroom ands just have taht concerned look saying im worried about you cos you ahve something seriously wrong.

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Sorry you're feeling so awful and even more sorry that doctors aren't listening...seems to be a common theme these days. All I can say is keep at it, don't let them bully you into giving up. If you are not well someone at some point will have to listen.

Have you had any blood tests recently?

Cute dogs by the way and on a complete side your floor :)


Am I allowed to say foreign doctors are the best, from my experience.


I was at A&E a few weeks ago and a black dr walked into room he was nice and explained my abdo/chest pain cause-something no dr has ever done


hi thank you fro complimenting my dogs,tehy are my life .one of them is crying now.i told my gp that my fellow members are genuine people with the same conditions as me and they get a diagnosis im just dismissed all the time.he says these sites are american and i shouldnt go on gp done it again today.told him i ahd lost more weight on my bottom and legs .on weighing me he said your weight has gone up .it was 11kgs in 2011 btu even mor e now as lost elsewhere I said that's because my stomach ahs got bigger and heavier.fell on deaf ears. not even PALS or complaints depts. at hosptials want to know they need to believe my dogs !


Tell that idiot doctor of yours that I am NOT American and I strongly object to being dismissed as such! I'm sure that I am not the only one who would feel offended at being called American! This site is called ThyroidUK... That means it is not in the USA!!! I've been following your story with interest as I like you have dogs and know that they are very perceptive. The only advice I can offer is what people have said before, which is to change your doctor and keep changing until you find one that is willing to listen... They may be hard to find, but they are out there. Just don't give up. You obviously care deeply for your dogs and they would not have much of a life without you. I agree fully with cuteyoungchic on the foreign doctor claim... if it wasn't for a foreign doctor spotting the fact my grandson had whooping cough at the age of 10 weeks instead of the 'oh it's only a cold, give him some Calpol and go away' attitude of the indigenous species, he would have died without question! I wish you all the best!


Hi there ,I did tell him that a lot of the members are from my area-north northumberland /Scottish borders


Hi Anbuma,

Dogs are very sensitive and know when something is wrong, especially when it is a member of their pack ( you).

Ther eis obviously something wrong

The difficulty is in deciding what that may be.

The doctors may be reticent about giving any treatment until they have a diagnosis - this is not good for you as that may take time.

I am sure you have tried this already, but just a suggestion from my own difficulties with doctors not listenening - have you given them a written list of your symptoms - and do list everything, even if you do not hink it is related.

List anything you have done in the last 6 months ( been abroad, dug in the garden, cleared a pond, been on an areoplane, visited someone in hospital - all these are innocuous but pathways to some nasty infections)

When you go - you can simply hand the doctor the list and say that the point of meeting them today is tog et a plan.

A plan as to what will be done next to identify and then resolve your issues as you are finding they interefere with your day to day activities / life and wellbeing. Tell them this is affecting you emotionally.

But a list is great, as when I get all brain foggy I forget to read what is on my list so last time I just gave it to the doctor and said the above. I cannot promise miracles - what I got was - we need to wait to hear back from the MRI scan, which is fair enough, but at least with the support of people on this forum I managed to get my point accross, which Ihave been trying to do for years.

I do feel for you , and hope that one of the docs listens to you, I can only hope you find the strength to keep on at them, to make your point, and get yourself heard.

Big Hugs,



thank you M,i always go with a written list of questions symptoms and normally ask one or two and then show him .yesterday i left them with him whilst went to get a urine sample and then only discussed about two of them.i got tearful and he says im sorry to make you cry .I dont know entirely why but most probably cos he don't recognize symptoms cos bloods are seeing my rheumy btu not un til march.sent an email to his secretary hoping she is still his secretary!!with brief outline of q's to ask and things to discuss.i have gone to teh practice manager .PALS and my MP -no success-pass hte buck or say there is nothing they can do!!.now have written to the mp Jeremy hunt.awaiting response.



This is a link re oedema which is also a hypo symptom.


I know that dogs pick up on anxiety and you are definitely anxious for very obvious reasons. Please don't put too much on your dogs about this, I did it recently when my dog became extra close, sniffing my mouth and nose intently when I hadn't eaten. It was him who was seriously ill and I was selfishly thinking it was me, well I hope it isn't but he is sadly no longer here as of a week ago... If your legs are swollen then there is a reason, it might be Lymphoedema it could be other vascular problems, you need to be referred to a Vascular Surgeon for a Venus Scan. Write asking your Dr to refer you. Any Dr who can see two swollen legs on a person and who does nothing is not a Dr worth bothering about. Have you had your heart checked? If not then you need to include that in your letter to rule out heart problems. I know it is frustrating, even if you are in the medical profession you still have to push and push and push not taking any no for an answer. I have made myself unpopular with my GP by doing this but I don't give a damn it's my life. Tell your GP in your letter that he has a "duty of Care" to find out what is wrong with you and until you find out don't stop pushing and write everything down especially when you want answers from your GP. Good luck and let us now how you get on.


Hi Pheobs

I know its not anxiety my dogs are picking upon as they have been like it fro about a year tho i do have odd days-lately after an unsuccessful dr s appointment. .i had my eldest dog checked out by a vet incase his "rubbing his nose on me " was a problem btu teh vet said everyhting was fine with him.

I have had ECGs and no problem there.i have probably made myself unpopular with my gp .he says they discuss me at their meetings.all i want is answers and a thta too much to ask.ill write to him again asking fro a referral re my legs and I have requested a referral to a dermatologist.


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