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Calcium and Vit D

Morning All,

I'm looking for some feedback. After seeing the Endo and getting lots of tests done. I have been informed I have low calcium and very low vit d levels. I have been given Fultium D3 800 IU take 4 a day and Calceos take 2 a day. Is this the norm??

Endo has been discussing the fact that i have ME but I have argued that I felt I wasn't being given the correct treatment for my thyroid??

Thought please Thanks x x

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In the uk you have a normal vit d level if you are over the range of 50 , all the info i have read and went on a course run by Nutri says that your optimal levels should be above 80,I followed a n 8 week programe where i took 50,000iu of vit d dops a week in liquid form and then now take a maintenance dose of 3,00 iu a day ,Nutri do a liquid form and each drop is 1,000 iu real easy to take and better than tablets ,,hope this helps



Depending on how low your vitamin d was, you may need a loading dose. You can find out

more about it here:

D levels can be difficult to supplement and what is considered a 'normal' daily supplement (which I think is what you've been given) may not help you.

Good luck!


Thanks for your replies and the link. It was very informative. I'm on 6 tablets a day for initially 12 weeks. Which is 4000 IU of Vit D a day, is this a loading dose? I've been told that if it works I've to then take 800 IU vit D per day for life. I hope it is going to make a difference. I'm very tired, have sore muscles etc,. This keeps me awake at night. Thanks again :)


I'm not a health care professional, but for me that would not have been sufficient. My vitamin d levels were close to nil (10? 12?) and it took me many months to get them up to normal. Even then I struggled to keep them above 60.

I hesitate to say what dose I was taking because in truth I can't remember the strength of the capsules, but it was a very high daily dose (in keeping with recommendations I found from a reliable source) for three months. (I'm not being cagey, I just can't remember the details and I don't want to say the wrong thing.)

You can always have a go with these supplements and see how you get on. If your levels aren't better in a few months (it can take time for the levels to respond to supplements) maybe your gp would be willing to give injections.

I read in one of those links that "Up to 10000 UNITS per day is not toxic when given for up to 5 months."

Good luck!


I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia about 9 years ago after suffering for more than 7 years. I had been getting worse and worse each week. I reached the stage I couldn't walk more than a few yards, couldn't drive as no strength in my legs and incredible pain when I tried. Really tired and lethargic all the time. I couldn't function mentally. I needed a wheel chair when going on holiday as I couldn't walk around the airport. Remain in the home most of the time as couldn't walk anywhere.

Then April last year, I read on I/N that 80% of fibromyalgia diagnosis are wrong. Patients really have a Vitamin D deficiency. I asked doctor for a test. I was told my result was 10 when it should be 12 but most doctors agree it should be raised to 14.

I was prescribed 800 iu tabs a day. The difference to me is amazing. Within a week I was feeling so much better. After 10 days, I was able to clean my kitchen windowsill, reaching across my work tops for the first time in 10 years. A year on, I can walk miles. I find 800iu is enough when there's sun I can get into, but not enough in the cold months - I take 1400iu.

My problem is that my body can't store Vitamin D. i would be so much better on holiday in the sun and then return home and be very much worse for over a week. Apparently, I was suffering withdrawal from the sudden loss of Vitamin D.


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