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Anyone know about vit d

My endo informed me I have low vit d and calcium and said gp will precribe , saw endo on monday and then doctor today, she had not had notes through yet from endo as to what to prescibe so said she would call them and ring me later in day ,receptionist rang to say prescription ready.i have been given pro d3 20, ooo unit capsuals one daily for 15 days.followed byAdcal-D3 2 daily for 28 days.Iam just unsure as to weather I will be on repeat precription or is that it as doctor didnt say or tell me to come back.

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Pro-D3 will not go on repeat prescription. It is a 15 day course. Adcal D3 may well go on repeat, but possibly not straight away. Your GP may want to find out how you're doing on it before it goes on repeat.


Thankyou it was just doctor didnt mention a follow up appiontment.


If the Adcal D3 doesn't go on repeat, you may need to make an appointment. Or you could just phone and see whether they will put it on repeat for you.

Adcal D3 chewable tablets come as two different flavours, lemon and tutti-frutti. It also comes as an 'easy swallow' caplet and a soluble tablet. Few patients like taking calcium supplements. They have a chalky feel in the mouth. You may end up making an appointment to request a different brand!


Hi You will need a re test3 months after starting as the D takes that long to be at optimum, also corrected caclcum at that time, to make sure it is in range. Then normal to continue treatment with the Adical for life, You will need blood tests repeated once a year,, or sooner. after that, ask the Endo as D is hormonal. If the calcium ( corrected) suddenly goes over range which it may, then what ever the vit D you have to reduce and then stop taking any of the adcal. to get the corrected calcium back in range. The first prescription is just a starting boost, before going n the adcal,. Make sure you take these as directed as timing sometimes important.

You should notice the difference in 2 -3 months.

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I am being retested in 2 months but have started on liquid Vit D.


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