Vit D Deficiency ?

When I had my bloods done last year after complaining of leg/arm pains I was given a course of Vit D tablets as levels low. I felt great after a few weeks, pains went, nails grew fabulously etc. 6 months later I am again having awful pains, nails have gone, breaking flaking etc and hair falls out, v. tired etc. When I was given the Vit D tablets I was told that I would only be given 1 sharp dose. Can you only take them once? I have tried supplements of Vit D from local chemist etc but still suffering with leg/arm pains, tiredness etc. Any advice please would be appreciated before I go back to GP in a couple of weeks. I take 100mcg of thyroxine daily.

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  • I take D3 supplement daily and will need to for the rest of my life as I can't tolerate direct sunshine. So yes you can take it without harm to yourself. i would recommend that you look at the website called The Vitamin D Council -they have lots of good info on there. They recommend that a dose of 5000iu per day of D3 is very safe -how ever you should have your D3 levels rechecked periodically. It is a well known now that people in the northern hemisphere suffer with Vit D3 deficiency significantly more then people elsewhere -this is due to the amount of sunshine that we have in the UK &the strong advice we are given to put on suntan lotion (stops us absorbing vit D on our skin) when it does shine. I don't buy my Vit D from the local shops as they don't stock strong enough doses -I buy mine online. You are welcome to email me directly and I'll explain further.

    I would ask your GP for a follow up blood test for vit D. I don't remember my hair falling out - isn't this more associated with an under active thyroid? You might want to check this out in addition -maybe you need a higher dose of your meds for hypothyroidism?

    Hope this helps and you feel better soon, Hugs x

  • As Wavylines says, most of us need to supplement vitamin D on a more or less permanent basis. Unless we are fortunate enough to be spending the long UK winters in bikinis on a hot sunny beach somewhere!

    It sounds as though the dose of vitamin D from the local chemist that you've been taking is too low.

    What dose did your GP prescribe, and for how long? And what dose are the ones you have from the chemist?

  • I too was 'inadequate' in Vitamin D, but my doc wouldn't prescribe just said go to Boots, I got tablets but found out they are not as potent as drops. You don't post your levels but they should be over 80nmol/L (some say 125 is optimal) and even though you have been 'given a course' your levels will drop this time of year without sunshine - until we get some sun again! (but as Wavy says, here up north sunshine's not enough - even for those without Thyroid trouble). and it's much more than a vitamin.

    And it's not the only vitamin/mineral affected by low Thyroid - have you had irons ferritin, folate and B12 tested too? (especially ferritin can help hair loss apparently).

    Also recommended to GPs for 'at risk' groups by the chief medical officers of Scotland and England, e.g. elderly and children under 5 should be on supplements.

    More info




    (Chart see page 3)

    P.S. I feel much better than last year Jane :D

  • Many thanks for your reply. I am just over 8 stone. My level was 40nml/L when I was prescribed. I was given a 3 month course 2 tablets a day of 1000 iu. which were great at the time. Looking at the supplement I am taking they are very low. I have B12 injections every 3 months and take folic acid daily. Propably best to go back to GP. thank you so much for the links they are most helpful .

    Best wishes


  • I too had low VIt D and started supplementing. I was one of those people paranoid about the sun and always staying in the shade and using sun screen - not any more!

    I supplement and it has to be VIt D 3 - I take 2000 iu in the winter and 1000 in the summer months but actually that may be not be enough if the recommendation is 5000!! I also know when my levels are right as the easiest way to tell is with my fingernails - they are either strong and growing well (VIt d level good) or breaking and flaking (Vit D level too low)!

  • There is no 'one size fits all' dose for vit D. 5,000iu daily is too much for some people. Body weight comes into this. Without wishing to be rude, the fatter you are, the more you might need :)

  • Many thanks for your replies. I am just over 8 stone. My level was 40nml/L when I was prescribed. I was given a 3 month course 2 tablets a day of 1000 iu. which were great at the time. Looking at the supplement I am taking they are very low. Propably best to go back to GP.

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  • Hi Vit D on a script is always best.If seeing an endo , even better as really there remit as hormonal. You need to have a calcium test first ,as corrected calcium must always be in range, re tests after 3 months or so, then each time you need an increase. it takes 3 months to be at optimum.

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  • Hi, I was discharged from Endo last year. I will go back to GP and thank you to everyone on here for all their replies as it is extremely helpful.

    Bet wishes


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