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Blood test results


T4 23 (10-25)

TSH 0.18 (0.15-3.5)

Started and remain on Levothyroxine 150mcg - diagnosed hypo 2008

Can someone please interpret these results. The GP says they are 'absolutely fine'. He did send me for T3 test but lab refused to do it. I empathise with every one on here who feels like they are banging their head against a brick wall - I would love to wake up in the morning and not want to crawl back under the bedclothes. I would love to feel confident and competent within my workplace instead of feeling like some inept bufoon - I would love to be able to make simple decisions without thinking I have the weight of the world on my shoulders. I would love to not have the feeling of wanting to cry all the time. I would love to rid myself of this 3 stone weight gain but most of all I would love to just feel like 'me' again.

Pity party over!! Thanks for listening.


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As numbers and ranges - they look potentially OK.

Have a look here:

Also, are you taking your levothyroxine well away from food, drinks other than water, supplements and other medicines?

Suggest you consider and possibly get tested for:

vitamin B12



vitamin D

All can be low and all can cause symptoms similar to hypothyroidism and may hinder the ability of thyroid hormone to work properly.


Terri66 in reply to helvella

Thanks for the reply Rod - I'll see if I can request tests for your suggestions. I take my levothyroxine as soon as I wake up - usually half to an hour before food or drink and I don't take any supplements - maybe I should start!

Thanks again


I can def say that getting my d levels up has made big difference to me,, some of the fatigue that i blamed on my thyroid has actually gone , skin is better etc.etc, i recommend to everyone but ESP with thyroid issues to get it tested,, if your doc refuses,,, which they shouldn't,,, then ask on here and someone can provide a link to get it done your self..

Terri66 in reply to ianessex

Thanks for the info ianessex


ianessex in reply to Terri66

No prob Terri,,


There is a link on here somewhere for Vit D tests, I have just ordered the test myself, it is at the City Hospital in Birmingham and costs £25 (finger-prick test), so convenient as well as reasonably priced.

Also I have changed taking my levo from morning to last thing at night (why don't doctors tell you this) too soon to say if it makes a difference (only changed last night) but will keep you posted.

Terri66 in reply to Hidden

Thankyou jan4363 - wish I'd known about this site earlier - everyone is very helpful

I did take my Levo at night for about 6 months but didn't make a difference - possibly my late night cup of cocoa interfered with it :o)

your T4 is a bit high, TSH a bit low and I imagine T3 might be a bit low too.

Thanks Hashi - I'd love to know what my T3 is - need to make appointment with Endo if my GP will refer


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